Prescription Drug Trafficking

Research shows that millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain due to illnesses and injuries. While there are many ways to treat this pain, one of the most common methods is to take prescription painkillers. However, when these drugs are taken illegally or prescribed carelessly, they can be deadly.

If you have been accused of prescribing drugs to patients for non-medical reasons, you could be at risk for losing your medical license. You need an experienced and determined Texas medical license defense lawyer to fight for you. For more information, call the Leichter Law Firm at 512-495-9995.

Prescribing versus Trafficking

Federal law requires doctors to only prescribe medications for accepted medical reasons. Texas law has further regulations concerning who can prescribe drugs and under what circumstances. You may be in violation of state and federal law if you:

  • Prescribe a drug without the legal authority to do so
  • Prescribe a controlled substance without physically examining a patient
  • Allow others to dispense prescriptions that you have pre-signed
  • Own or manage a pain clinic that is not registered with the state
  • Knowingly prescribe drugs that are not being used for medical purposes

People who are found guilty of these acts can face criminal penalties and the loss of their professional licenses. Unfortunately, the line between writing legitimate prescriptions and drug trafficking is not always clear. Some medical professionals fear that overzealous law enforcement officials may be interfering with doctors’ ability to effectively treat their patients.

If you have been accused of trafficking prescription drugs, you need to thoroughly understand your rights and options. Our experienced Texas medical license defense attorneys can provide the information you need to protect your license.

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