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Mental health professionals perform a vital service in today’s society. They are at the front lines in a struggle against the harmful effects of psychological illness, emotional disorders, and trauma. One of the most important tools in a mental health practitioner’s arsenal is a professional medical license. Unfortunately, this license can be attained only through a rigorous and complicated license application process.

If you need to acquire a mental health license, the lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm could be of assistance. Contact our mental health license application attorneys at 512-495-9995 to learn whether we can help take your medical career to the next level.

Job Opportunities and Mental Health Licenses

While not all careers in the mental health field require professional licenses, having a license can set you apart as a job applicant. Many public and private employers take licenses into consideration when filling the following positions:

  • Psychologist and Psychological Aide / Technician / Nurse
  • Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Aide / Technician / Nurse
  • Therapist
  • Social Service Worker
  • Child Welfare / Protective Services Provider
  • Adult Day Care / Protective Services Provider
  • Grief Counselor

Substance Abuse Counselor

A mental health license can make new career opportunities available. It also provides a tangible demonstration of your commitment to help those in need. By displaying your qualifications in the form of a license, you could enhance your relationship with prospective employers and patients alike.

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At the Leichter Law Firm, we have a great deal of familiarity with application requirements and deadlines. We are committed to giving our clients the legal support they need to get the licenses they deserve. Contact our mental health license application lawyers today at 512-495-9995 to discuss your case.

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