Health Insurance Fraud

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, about $1 out of every $7 to Medicare is lost due to insurance fraud and abuse. As a whole, insurance fraud may involve up to $100 billion in stolen funds each year. Because of the widespread nature of the problem, charges of fraud and abuse against physicians and other health care providers can have serious consequences.

If you have been charged with health insurance fraud and now face the risk of losing your professional license, the Texas professional license defense lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm have the knowledge and experience you need to help you build the strongest defense possible. Contact our offices today at 512-495-9995 to discuss your situation.

Examples of Health Insurance Fraud

The most commonly-reported type of health insurance fraud is a false claims scheme. Any of the following actions, if performed fraudulently, could be considered health insurance fraud:

  • Ordering tests or performing services that are unnecessary
  • Billing for services or procedures that were not rendered
  • Misrepresenting a condition or a service
  • Duplicating charges
  • Receiving kickbacks or other benefits for referrals

A professional charged with committing any of these actions could be held liable for defrauding or abusing a health insurance company, and may be at risk of losing his or her practitioner’s license.

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If you have been accused of committing health insurance fraud and are in danger of losing your professional license, the Texas professional license defense attorneys at the Leichter Law Firm can help you build a strong case and defend your practice and your reputation. Contact our offices today at 512-495-9995.

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