Accountant Conflict of Interest

Accounting Conflicts of Interest

Similar to professionals in other career fields, certified professional accountants (CPA) in Texas are held to a set of ethical standards and must report to the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. These standards are put in place in order to protect the clients of these professionals from suffering serious financial losses or mistreatment at the hands of their accountant. One important standard of ethics which CPAs must comply with is remaining free of conflicts of interests in completing their work. Any CPA who is charged with violating this standard could face serious consequences as a result.

If you are a CPA who has been charged with a conflict of interest, you could face fines, suspension, or even revocation of the license which you worked so hard to earn. Our Texas accounting license defense lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm know how serious an issue this is for you and, as such, will do our utmost to protect your livelihood. Contact our highly skilled team at 512-495-9995 today.

Definition as Stated by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy

A person may be found in conflict of interest if they have a relationship with any other person, company, or service that would affect their objectivity in handling a matter for a client or their employer. A conflict of interest may also occur when the CPA’s ability to handle a matter requiring independence is impaired.

However, if a CPA is aware of the conflict of interest, but believes they can perform the job with objectivity regardless, they can disclose the conflict of interest and obtain consent to move forward from all relevant parties. This is not applicable to matters requiring independence, however.

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