Agreed Order Negotiations

The ultimate goal of informal negotiations with the Texas Board of Nursing is either dismissal or an “Agreed Order” that is acceptable to the client/nurse and that the client can live with. The Board of Nursing (BON) will in almost all cases offer an Agreed Order to the licensee in an attempt to dispense with the need to formally try a case at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). The Board may propose an Agreed Order following an informal conference. The Board will also typically propose a Board Order in reply to the licensee’s response to the investigative letter.

Sometimes the Agreed Order is reasonable and accurately represents what a violation is “worth.” For example, if there is evidence that a licensee has made a pattern of legitimate documentation errors, a reasonable Order may be a Remedial Education Order, requiring additional continuing education hours, but no restrictions on the license.

However, many times a proposed Agreed Order is premised on an inaccurate fact scenario, or contains discipline that is out of step with the violation. Many nurses treat these proposed Orders as nonnegotiable documents and will sign them without consulting anyone, and often they will endure needless hardship.

A nurse licensee in receipt of a proposed Agreed Order in the mail should immediately contact an administrative law attorney who is experienced in representing Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, and Advanced Practice Nurses in front of the Nursing Board (LVN, RN, CRNA, APN Practice). Experience is essential in negotiating Agreed Orders. Knowing what a case is “worth” and knowing what the BON has done in the past are valuable insights that help ensure the best result for our clients.

Because the Texas Nursing Board defense lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm have handled over 1000 nursing license and disciplinary cases we know what a file is worth at the BON. Because our firm’s attorneys have negotiated countless orders with legal and enforcement staff from the BON we know what is possible, what is fair and what can be reasonably expected from the BON given a specific set of facts and circumstances.

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