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If you are a nurse and your competency or fitness for your position is called into question, you may be subjected to a review of your license by the Texas Board of Nursing. The decision to revoke your license or to deny a renewal can leave you unable to work in your chosen field, thereby inflicting not only significant financial challenges upon you but also a considerable emotional burden. There are numerous grounds on which an individual’s nursing license might come under fire, and some of these are classified as behavioral cases.

If your nursing license is currently being reevaluated in a behavioral case, do not delay seeking a committed and compassionate legal representative who can ensure that your interests are properly advocated. Contact the Texas nursing license defense lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm by calling 512-495-9995 to discuss your situation.

3 Kinds of Behavioral Cases

The principle behind behavioral cases is intended to protect patients, which is something that all nurses and other medical professionals can support. The notion is that if a nurse’s behavior or health might cause them to endanger a patient, they should not retain their license to provide patient care. However, the system leaves open the possibility of individuals to bring baseless accusations, often out of spite or merely in order to tarnish the nurse’s reputation. The following are three of the allegations which may lead to a behavioral case review:

  • A nurse is afflicted with some sort of chemical dependency
  • A nurse has engaged in criminal conduct or is engaging in criminal conduct
  • A nurse’s mental health is not sufficiently sound for him or her to be entrusted to make apt decisions and to take suitable action with regard to patient treatment

It is understandable if being the subject of such claims is upsetting to you. However, it is important to remember that you must avoid any sort of retaliatory action and that you are entitled offering a defense of your license. We can help, and you can rely on us.

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