Probation or Agreed Order Violations for Texas Medical Board

Texas Medical Board Probation or Agreed Order Violations

Any Texas physician whose licensee is under an Agreed Order (probationer) with the Texas Medical Board should be reasonably familiar with the Board’s Compliance Department. The Board Compliance Officers are the probationer’s point of contact when it comes to ensuring compliance with the Agreed Order, whether it be anything from paying an administrative fine to complying with Board-ordered drug screening.

There are myriad ways for a licensed doctor to violate a Board Order. It may be that a probationer has been charged with not doing what their Order calls for, or it may be that they have done something that their Order forbids. The tricky situations in which Probationer’s find themselves, are those where they run afoul of the Board-ordered requirements to “fully comply with the Board and Board staff…” Sometimes the compliance officers will ask the probationer for information that does not seem relevant, or will require actions that are not included in the Agreed Order, but if the probationer does not cooperate, it can lead to further Board discipline. An experienced attorney familiar with the Texas Medical Board’s lawyers and its legal and enforcement processes is often necessary to defuse these types of situations.

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