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Your hard work has paid off after completing a rigorous educational program. Perhaps you finished law school, medical school, or another post-graduate degree. After you successfully pass your licensing exams, you obtain your professional license. Unfortunately, you are now under investigation for professional misconduct or white-collar crime. A threat to your license can ruin your career, your finances, your reputation, and your life. This is when hiring a professional licensing defense lawyer becomes crucial.

The Leichter Law Firm is dedicated to defending professionals who are in danger of losing their licenses. We are dedicated to remaining a boutique firm, meaning we handle the cases of our professional clients with experience and individual care. Our attorneys take cases involving many professional licenses.

We work with physicians and other medical professionals, accountants, teachers, attorneys, and other licensed professionals. It is crucial that your attorney understands professional licensing laws. It also helps to understand the nuances of your particular field. The attorneys at Leichter Law Firm have decades of this experience and knowledge at their disposal.

Without a doubt, your license is important to your livelihood and the future of your family. We aim to provide our clients with the high standard of Texas professional license defense we have built our practice on.

Time is of the essence in administrative litigation. Missing a deadline might cause you to lose the right to challenge the agency’s action. Don’t wait. To discuss your particular case and needs with an experienced attorney in more detail, please contact us today by calling 512-495-9995.

What Is a Professional Licensing Defense Lawyer?

A professional license defense attorney can defend a licensed professional against allegations that may affect their license. They can defend licensees and applicants against disciplinary actions related to misconduct or a criminal conviction. Specifically, they protect a person’s license against actions like license suspension, license revocation, probation, or another disciplinary action.

What Does a Professional License Defense Lawyer Do?

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Essentially, a license defense attorney acts similarly to a criminal defense attorney in that they defend their client against certain allegations. They defend not only the professional’s license, but also their livelihood and future. They can also help in cases involving license renewal and license applications. It is also possible to have an attorney help with getting your professional license reinstated.

Your professional license defense attorney will walk you through the administrative process surrounding your case and ensure your rights are protected. We will build a strong defense to protect you, your license, and your reputation during an administrative hearing if necessary. As soon as you learn of any issues or allegations, you should seek legal representation.

Types of Professional License Defense Cases We Handle

The Leichter Law Firm employs a team of experienced Texas professional license defense attorneys. We are well-versed in every facet of the license defense process. To demonstrate, our firm has handled various cases involving the defense of professional licenses. Some of the licensed professionals we represent include the following.

Undoubtedly, professional license defense is a complicated topic. Therefore, it almost always requires the help of experienced, professional-centered advocacy. Losing your license could ruin the good reputation you have built. It could hurt your chances at future employment. Make sure your license is in good hands by working with our skilled administrative law attorneys.

Common Reasons Professionals Lose Their Licenses

As a professional, you worked hard to get where you are. Your license proves that you have the skills, knowledge, and expertise necessary to do your job and to do it well. Sadly, all that you have worked to achieve may be lost if your license is revoked. To protect your reputation and your livelihood, it is necessary to understand the main reasons for license revocation and learn what you can do to fight it.

At the Leichter Law Firm, we have helped professionals of all kinds get their careers back on track after a license revocation. Our experienced Texas license defense attorneys know what it takes to get a license reinstated, and we may be able to help with your case. Contact us today at 512-495-9995 to schedule a confidential consultation.

Major Causes of Professional License Revocation

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other licensed professionals are subject to a wide variety of legal and ethical rules. If a violation of these rules is reported or suspected, you may receive notice that your license has been suspended or revoked. Generally speaking, the causes of license revocation break down into three broad categories. These categories are:

  • Criminal conviction
  • Malpractice
  • Fraud

Professionals who lose their licenses often feel helpless and powerless. In reality, it is often possible to have your license reinstated by working within the legal system. Do not sacrifice your career without a fight – contact a professional license defense attorney today to find out what you can do to get your license back.

Common Reasons for Investigations and Disciplinary Actions

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At Leichter Law, we have defended many licensed professionals in cases involving administrative hearings, government agencies and licensing boards, and other administrative procedures. In our years of defending professional licenses, we have found that the following allegations are among the most common.

  • Substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol, that interferes with the professional’s ability to perform their job responsibilities
  • Having inappropriate relationships with clients or patients
  • Abuse or neglect of patients or clients
  • Failing to uphold the professional standard of care
  • Theft, fraud, or misrepresentation

Any of the above accusations could affect most licensed professionals. If you have been accused of violating the code of conduct that governs your profession, do not sit idly by. Contact the legal team at Leichter Law to defend yourself against these allegations and protect your professional reputation.

What Is the Complaint Process for Professional Licenses?

Each state licensing agency for each type of professional license will have its own complaint and investigation process. Although they may differ in small ways from another state licensing board, the general process remains similar. The typical complaint and investigation process for licensed professionals involves the following.

  • Someone, be it a colleague, patient, client, or member of the public, submits a complaint to the regulatory board.
  • The board receives the complaint, then assigns an investigator to the complaint to look into it. This investigator may either be one person or a committee of people.
  • The investigator/s determine whether they have jurisdiction over the person involved. If so, they will pursue the investigation.
  • The board will notify you of the investigation and may or may not provide a copy of the complaint.
  • They will then review your professional records, obtain statements from other individuals, and ask you questions.
  • After reviewing the investigator’s findings and recommendations, the board will decide whether to close the complaint or proceed with disciplinary action.
  • You can then request an administrative hearing if the board pursues disciplinary action.

What Happens When You Lose Your License?

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If regulatory boards determine that license suspension or revocation is the best course of action, the impacts this could have on your life are significant. Some examples of the hardships one might face after having their license revoked or suspended include the following.

  • Lost income with no unemployment benefits
  • Having trouble finding other work
  • Patients and clients are left without someone to handle the services you provided
  • Inability to get a professional license somewhere else
  • Difficulty having a license reinstated
  • Damage to your professional reputation

Legal professionals, medical professionals, and other licensed professionals should work with license defense attorneys as soon as they realize they have been accused of something. Waiting too long could lead to having your license suspended or even revoked.

Other Potential Disciplinary Actions

License revocations and license suspensions are not the only disciplinary options that can arise from a disciplinary hearing. Other, lesser punishments are also possible. Some of these less serious penalties include the following.

  • Paying fines and other monetary damages, such as restitution
  • Censures or formal reprimands
  • Mandated continuing education courses

Generally speaking, any disciplinary action can become a matter of public record. In fact, this happens in almost all cases where someone faces penalties against their professional license. Because of this, others in your professional discipline may be less likely to work with you, hire you, or allow you to practice in certain areas.

This is why legal services are so important in license defense cases. Working with an attorney with extensive knowledge and experience in defending professional licenses is crucial for your future.

Why You Should Hire a License Defense Attorney

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You may think you can handle the licensing board alone, without an attorney. However, we strongly advise against this. Many professionals are tempted to tackle their cases on their own, only to find out that the process is much more complicated than they thought. Below, we outline why facing a licensing board without legal representation is almost always a bad idea.

  • The licensing board is not on your side. It does not exist to protect licensees. Rather, it exists to protect the public at large from licensees who commit violations. Its purpose is to ensure that every professional follows the code of conduct and discipline them if they do not. Even if you try to explain your side of the story, the board can and will use anything you say against you.
  • Regulatory boards do not require guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. These are not criminal cases. Therefore, a regulatory board does not need to believe “beyond a reasonable doubt” that you have violated the code of conduct. In other words, the burden of proof is on you, not the board.
  • These are legal matters, not professional disputes. Regulatory boards are agents of the government. This means that any formal hearing will be a legal matter. Although it’s true that licensed professionals are highly educated, they often don’t have the knowledge and experience necessary to defend themselves.

When Should I Get an Attorney for License Defense?

As soon as you are made aware of allegations of fraud, misconduct, or malpractice against you, seek help from an attorney. This is especially important if you face allegations involving any of the following.

  • Fraud
  • Professional misconduct
  • Incompetence
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Substance abuse
  • Criminal charges or criminal convictions

Although you have the right to take on these cases without an attorney, you will have a much lower chance of success. An attorney can build a strong case to defend against serious penalties or have the penalties reduced.

License Defense Case Results

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To learn more about how we can help you and what a license defense case might entail, read about our case results. We also have assembled a collection of resources for licensed professionals:

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Is Your Professional License in Jeopardy? Leichter Law Can Help

Are you facing disciplinary action from your licensing board? Are you looking to re-enter your career field? Perhaps you are seeking to appeal an application denial. We can help defend your rights as a licensee or a license applicant.

The Texas professional license defense attorneys of the Leichter Law Firm are dedicated to licensed professionals. We provide an experienced and nuanced legal defense to professionals who are in danger of losing their licenses. To discuss your case with us and learn more about what we can do to help, please contact us online today or call us at 512-495-9995.