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Even professionals who have undergone rigorous education and training to be able to work in their chosen field can face revocation of their license if they are found guilty of criminal behavior or misconduct. To the professional who risks losing their license, this can mean a significant detriment—or an end—to their career, reputation, and practice. Because license revocation and a loss of one’s livelihood are often symptoms of criminal charges, it is imperative that you seek knowledgeable and effective counsel as soon as possible when you face several allegations of criminal activity.

Although it can be anxiety-inducing and extremely stressful to go up against the possibility of your professional license being revoked, the dedicated professional license defense lawyers at Leichter Law Firm PC are committed to helping you defend yourself against alleged misdeeds and can provide you with legal guidance on how to preserve your license.

Professional Licenses

Most professional licenses were achieved after years of intensive training, making it particularly painful to face the possibility of losing your ability to practice what you love. An accuser will be tasked with proving you are unfit to practice in your field, and our attorneys can provide an effective defense for a variety of professionals, including:

Many professionals find themselves accused of crimes like fraud, theft, embezzlement, or inappropriate conduct. You have a right to defend against these allegations and keep your license from being seized.


To better understand how we can help you and what a license defense case might entail, please peruse our representative cases and resource pages:

Consult with a Professional License Defense Lawyer in Laredo

Although it can be frustrating and, honestly, frightening to address the possibility of losing your license, the choice to obtain legal counsel may be the most important decision you make in your career. At Leichter Law Firm PC, our legal team can investigate your case and fight for your right to keep your license. If you have been accused of a crime and risk license revocation, contact us online or call us at 512.495.9995 for support and guidance in your case.

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