Breach of Confidential Student Information

The relationship between a teacher and his or her students is very important and carries a great deal of weight. For that reason, teachers must tread very carefully when both interacting with their students and discussing the students with others. Because of the amount of time that students spend with teachers, teachers are privy to a large amount of personal information about their students. While much of this is often common knowledge, there is certain information about their students that teachers should keep private. If a teacher is accused of sharing confidential information, it is possible that their license might be revoked.

If you are a teacher who has been accused of releasing privileged information or any other type misconduct, more than just your license may be at stake. You could lose your livelihood and a career that you love. At the Leichter Law Firm, our Texas teaching license defense attorneys understand how painful this type of accusation can be, and we fight aggressively for teachers’ rights to keep their licenses. For the legal representation you need if you are worried about losing your teaching license, contact one of our determined and compassionate lawyers today at 512-495-9995.

Private Information

As a teacher, there are many rules and standards of conduct that you are required to follow, not just to protect the students, but also to protect your reputation and career as a teacher. If you are accused of revealing one of the following pieces of information that is commonly classified as confidential, it is possible that you could face serious consequences:

  • Any medical records that you may have access to
  • Disciplinary records
  • Any information from a student’s education record (without permission from the parent or student)

However, as a teacher you are required by law to report any knowledge that you have or receive about abuse or dangers to students, including a threatened killing or suicide, and you cannot lose your license for revealing this type of knowledge.

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Teaching is undoubtedly both a taxing and rewarding job. However, if you’ve been accused of misconduct as a teacher, you may lose the joys and rewards of your career. Our Texas teaching license defense attorneys at the Leichter Law Firm have experience with professional license defense cases, and we are ready to go to work for you. Call 512-495-9995 to speak with one of our highly qualified attorneys today.

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