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At the Leichter Law Firm, we understand the challenges faced by teachers. We know that as a licensed instructor, you have dedicated your life to one of the most important professions imaginable. It can therefore be very painful and concerning if you have been charged with misconduct that could ultimately cost you your job and your income. When facing such serious outcomes, it is incredibly important to have experienced defense on your side.

Our Texas teaching license defense attorneys have a reputation for handling a diverse array of license defense cases. We have learned from experience that teaching license defense is a nuanced and complicated field, and we have put this experience to work defending our clients and our clients’ careers. To discuss your case with us and learn more about how we may be able to help you, please contact us today by calling 512-495-9995.

Teaching License Defense

The State Board for Educator Certification is responsible for enforcing the Educator’s Code of Ethics pursuant to Texas Education Code § 21.041. The Code of Ethics is promulgated in Texas Administrative Code § 247.2 and prohibits a teacher from:

  • Engaging in deceptive or fraudulent practices;
  • Misappropriating school property or privileges;
  • Accepting gifts that impair personal judgment;
  • Revealing confidential information about a student;
  • Physically mistreating a student; and
  • Sexual misconduct.

Under 192 Texas Administrative Code § 249.15, the Board may reprimand, restrict, suspend, or revoke a teacher’s license upon a determination based on satisfactory evidence that the teacher has:

  • Conducted school activities in violation of law;
  • Violated a provision of the educator’s code of ethics;
  • Failed to report child abuse; or
  • Abandoned a contract in violation of the Education Code.

Furthermore, the Board of Educator Certification may revoke a teacher’s license for conviction of a felony offense involving a minor, Texas Education Code § 21.058.

The complaint and investigation process is the first step in the disciplinary process administered by the Board of Educator Certification, 19 Texas Administrative Code § 249.14. If the Board seeks to discipline a teacher, the teacher has a right to an Administrative Hearing before SOAH in accordance with Subchapter C and E or Title 19 of the Texas Administrative Code.

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