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At the Leichter Law Firm, we understand how painful it can be for real estate professionals to be charged with unfair dealings or another offense that could affect their ability to run a business and practice their profession. It is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, and it is your legal right to defend yourself from the charges against you.

Our experienced Texas real estate license defense attorneys believe in protecting the careers and the livelihoods of real estate agents who are facing an appearance before the Texas Real Estate Commission. If you are in danger of disciplinary actions, we may be able to protect you and your career from the serious challenges you are facing. To discuss this with us in more detail, please contact the Leichter Law Firm today by calling 512-495-9995.

Real Estate License Defense

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is responsible for the enforcement of the Real Estate License Act which establishes the standard of conduct for all licensees, Texas Occupations Code § 1101 et. al. The most commonly pursued grounds for discipline under § 1101.652 of the Real Estate License Act include:

  • Fraudulent or Dishonest Dealings
  • Negligent or Incompetent Performance
  • Commingling Money belonging to Another
  • Conviction of a Felony involving Fraud
  • Sharing or Paying a Commission Illegally
  • Brokering or Selling Real Estate without a License
  • Negligent Supervision of a Sponsored Salesperson

If the Commission determines that a broker has engaged in any of the prohibited practices, under Real Estate License § 1101.656 the Commission may propose a public or private reprimand, administrative fine (Up to $1000 per violation), license probation, suspension or revocation, and civil or criminal penalties. Complaint investigations may proceed with the Real Estate Commission contacting the broker by a letter of complaint and inquiry, or the Real Estate Commission may conduct the investigation covertly if it has reason to believe contacting the broker will inhibit the investigation, Texas Occupations Code § 1101.204.

Pursuant to § 1101.657 of the Real Estate License Act, a broker is entitled to a hearing before TREC or a hearing officer. Regardless of the TREC decision, a licensee is always entitled to appeal the decision to a district court in the county where the TREC administrative hearing was held, Real Estate License Act § 1101.658.

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If you are in danger of a fine or the loss of your real estate license, you deserve experienced, passionate defense from a law firm with a strong reputation. To learn more about how the Leichter Law Firm may be able to help you keep your license and avoid other repercussions, please contact us today by calling 512-495-9995.

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