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The Texas Medical Board pursues legal inquiries against physicians who are accused of professional misconduct and other disciplinary issues. From misconduct regarding chemical dependency and intemperate use to sexual misconduct and standard-of-care violations to inadequate maintenance and documentation issues, physicians can face a variety of disciplinary actions in San Antonio, many of which can result in the removal of his or her license to practice. The attorneys at the Leichter Law Firm understand how stressful this can be and, as such, have devoted ourselves to defending physicians facing any sort of legal action from the Texas Medical Board.

In order to defend oneself against accusations of misconduct, a practicing physician should consult with an experienced trial lawyer, as this can make a huge difference when facing inquiry by the State Office of Administrative Hearings or the Travis County District Court, in the case of an appeal. Because the Texas Medical Board’s executive offices, the Travis County District Court’s offices, and the State Office of Administrative Hearings are all located in downtown Austin, the location of our office, which is also situated in the heart of downtown Austin, gives better access and quick turn-around of information and decisions.

Hiring a Physician License Defense Attorney

Legal representation can make quite a difference when a physician is facing accusations of professional misconduct, and, even more importantly, you should focus on finding representation that considers the maintenance of your physician’s license a top priority. Without this consideration, you might not be able to keep your license to practice, and this can destroy your livelihood.

In recent years, the cases against practicing physicians have risen significantly. Accusations of misconduct have led the Texas Medical Board (TMB) to investigate the legality of many behaviors of practicing investigations. These inquiries usually begin with contact from the TMB, at which point it is prudent to enlist the support of an attorney, as a physician may say something incriminating or that can be used against them.

Regardless of the charges a physician is facing, hiring a physician license defense attorney is critical at any point of the process. At The Leichter Law Firm, we can help you face:

  • The Disciplinary Process
  • Grounds for Discipline
  • Types of Penalties
  • Appeals
  • Peer Review Actions
  • Network and Insurance Terminations
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Criminal Arrests and Convictions

Depending on the complaint laid at your door, the process for defending your license will vary, and it’s essential that you have legal representation to help you through your unique case. In most cases, a physician’s license is threatened because of accusations regarding his or her actual practice, but this is not always the case. Sometimes other accusations of criminal conduct unrelated to the physician’s practice can still affect his or her license, making it important to seek legal counsel whenever a hospital peer review investigation or medical staff privileges dispute arises, or inquiries are made about Medicare, Medicaid, or other federal or state reimbursement policies. In this manner, a physician may be able to avoid a full investigation by the Texas Medical Board. If the issue is resolved at a lower level, you can avoid the loss of your license.

One critical aspect of an investigation into a physician’s actions or behaviors is the documentation of such proceedings. This should be a concern for every physician involved, as sometimes the proceedings of the investigation are not kept accurately or honestly. In fact, inaccurate reporting to and by the National Practitioner Data Bank, or NPDB, can negatively affect the reputation and future of a practicing physician, even if he or she is eventually cleared of charges. Depending on the nature of the accusations against you, you might even be able to request non-disclosure, so that your situation is not reported in this public avenue.

When the Texas Medical Board issues an inquiry into a physician’s behaviors, the process of this inquiry can involve months of investigation, which can mean months in which you are not allowed to practice. The TMB has a variety of rules and regulations that mandate particular actions (or inactions) during inquiries, and if you are unfamiliar with these rules and regulations, you might get into even more legal trouble during investigations. However, having legal representation that not only understands the TMB’s rules, but that can also explain them easily to you is a critical preventative measure for staying out of trouble during an investigation.

Contact a Physician License Defense Attorney in San Antonio

Because appropriate legal representation is so critical for a physician facing the removal or suspension of his or her license, you should treat the decision to find an attorney with care. The lawyers of the /attorneys/dan-lype/ believe in legal justice for every physician accused of misconduct and, as a boutique firm with a majority focus on physician license defense, can mount a proper defense seeking to secure your license. Due to our familiarity with the Texas Medical Board and experience handling these types of cases, we can help you best understand your options and what steps you need to take when you call 512.495.9995.

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