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In recent years, disciplinary actions taken against the many physicians practicing in the state of Texas by the Texas Medical board (TMB) have seen marked increases. These cases, which are brought about on the basis of standard-of-care complaints, chemical dependency, sexual boundary violations, and a variety of other reasons, can easily result in serious consequences for the practitioner, potentially threatening their ability to continue their professional practice in the state.

The standard procedure when such a complaint is brought against you will begin with a phone call from a TMB investigator who will inform you of the nature of the charges brought against you and seek to begin an investigation into the circumstances of the incident in question. It is at no point advisable to respond to or interact with a TMB investigator without consulting with an attorney first, and these investigators are in fact barred from contacting you directly once you retain legal representation. To learn more about protecting your rights and your legal options for defense, call an Amarillo physician license defense attorney at the Leichter Law Firm PC today at 512.495.9995.

Areas of Assistance

Our legal team consists of experienced healthcare and administrative law attorneys, all of whom can help you prepare to defend your license to practice. By retaining a skilled legal representative you will be better protected against the possibility of serious negative repercussions and have a more clear understanding of your options and rights regarding any of the following issues:

  • The Disciplinary Process
  • Grounds for Discipline
  • Types of Penalties
  • Appeals
  • Peer Review Actions
  • Network & Insurance Terminations
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Criminal Arrests and Conviction

Regardless of whether you are faced with disciplinary actions from a hospital or medical staff review committee, a criminal prosecuting attorney, a compensation commission, or the state board licensing agency, the integrity of your license will depend on the strength and experience of your legal counsel and representation. Our attorneys will aggressively and convincingly advocate on your behalf to help protect against any threat to your practice.

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At the Leichter Law Firm PC, we are committed to providing comprehensive and knowledgeable legal guidance and defense to physicians who are facing disciplinary action that puts their professional license in jeopardy. To schedule a free consultation with our experienced Amarillo physician license defense lawyers, call us today at 512.495.9995.

An experienced Amarillo license defense attorney can assist you with licensing issues that involve:

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