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A disciplinary inquiry can all begin with a negative peer review. Following an inquiry, a full-blown investigation could be in order. Such an investigation into accusations of misconduct (the most common cause of investigation) for a health or corporate employee could have drastic consequences for said employee’s future work eligibility, especially if he or she loses their license to practice.

The attorneys of the Leichter Law Firm work diligently to protect the rights of individuals in the health and corporate industries, and to help them keep their licenses to practice. We understand that many professionals in Amarillo are facing accusations of professional misconduct, and that the consequences of facing an inquiry can be absolutely terrifying. This is why we believe in standing up for the rights of professionals and working hard to defend them against formal proceedings that result in license termination.

Negative Repercussions of an Investigation

When a professional in the health or corporate industry faces a professional misconduct investigation, there can be numerous negative repercussions. For instance, a public disciplinary sanction or the suspension of a license to practice will result, and for a medical practitioner, in the termination of access to insurance and network providers. This result is much more likely to occur in cases involving standard of care violations and accusations of chemical dependency.

Although you can appeal exclusions from insurance and network providers, it can be extremely difficult and is often best handled by an attorney. Because the individual seeking an appeal is under investigation, the appeal committee is far less likely to give credence to what he or she says in defense. An attorney’s word, however, carries more weight. Your attorney can appeal to the National Practitioner Data Bank, additionally, to remove any inaccurate, sealed, or expunged information regarding your disciplinary history or anything else regarding your criminal record. This too can be a lengthy process that is best handled by legal counsel.

Additional Corporate Issues and Formation

Legal counsel can also be highly beneficial for those in the corporate industry because of his or her experience dealing with business formations, modifications, and any disputes that arise. Maintaining proper structure for a corporate venture is critical but sometimes, individuals make mistakes in forming or dealing with such entities. Fortunately, a legal representative can help with the following issues for businesses:

  • Incorporation
  • Start up procedures
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Shareholder and partner disputes
  • Property and medical equipment leases and contracts
  • Employer / employee contracts

With the legal advice and assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney, your corporate structure can truly reflect your business goals, as well as those of today’s ever-changing market.

Employment agreements are perhaps one of the most important elements of business formation, as they lay out and protect all rights of employers and employees in a business. Additionally, employment agreements, when properly drafted, can prevent legal issues that can sometimes arise in the future with poorly drafted contracts. Without clearly defined obligations of employers and employees, or shareholders for that matter, disputes are all too likely to arise, leading to costly and lengthy litigation. Fortunately, regarding contracts, your attorney can help with the following:

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract review
  • Employment and employee advice and counsel
  • Contract negotiations
  • Non-compete agreements

Properly drafted contracts can mean the difference between a successful corporation and one that sees a future of litigation. It is always best to avoid litigation, but, of course, if it ever gets to that point, you can also put trust in your attorney to get you through it.

Contact a Health and Corporate Law Attorney in Amarillo

It is imperative to keep your professional profile clean, but numerous circumstances can make this complicated. Whether you are forming a new business, adapting an existing one, or are a professional facing the loss of license because of a disciplinary inquiry in the Amarillo area, the attorneys of the Leichter Law Firm PC care, and want to help. Contact our offices in Amarillo today by calling 512.495.9995 to learn more about how we can help.

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