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In recent years, the number of disciplinary investigations, actions, and orders pursued by the Texas Medical Board (TMB) against physicians has increased significantly. This can be detrimental for Forth Worth physicians, as disciplinary actions can mean that they could lose their licenses to practice, leaving them without a way to support themselves or their families. However, the attorneys of the Leichter Law Firm have years of experience in license defense law, and can help defend your license to practice medicine

In many cases, disciplinary accusations against physicians involve a bad peer review, a patient, co-worker, or a malpractice suit. Accusations might involve things like standard of care allegations, non-therapeutic prescribing, chemical dependency, inadequate maintenance of records, inadequate documentation, and sexual boundary violations, though these are not the only possibilities. Facing these allegations in court is not easy, and it takes a skilled physician license defense attorney to walk you through it.

Why You Should Hire An Attorney

A skilled and experienced attorney can help someone facing physician license loss in numerous ways. Firstly, an attorney that practices license defense is familiar with the standard accusations a physician might face, and can build a solid defense against them. Additionally, because investigations into a physician’s care standards are conducted by formal agencies, it’s critical that your attorney knows how these agencies operate; he or she will know what to expect and can anticipate necessary future action on your behalf. In general, your physician license defense lawyer can assist with defense issues such as the following:

  • The Disciplinary Process
  • Grounds for Discipline
  • Types of Penalties
  • Appeals
  • Peer Review Actions
  • Network & Insurance Terminations
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Criminal Arrests and Convictions

Most investigations will begin with a letter plus a phone call from an initial TMB investigator. Once this occurs, the physician needs to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to allow time to prepare an extensive defense strategy. It would be a bad idea to meet with the TMB investigator without your legal representation present; all communication should occur between your physician license defense attorney and the TMB investigator. In the case of a physician being contacted about Medicare, Medicaid, or other federal or state reimbursement issues covered by the Social Security Act, it’s even more critical that the physician consult with an experienced attorney. These issues could be the preview of the physician being charged with a crime and facing a criminal prosecution. Furthermore, always talk with an attorney if you are arrested for charges unrelated to your practice.

In many cases, an experienced physician license defense lawyer can remedy some incident of improper reporting to and by the National Practitioner Data Bank. Sometimes improper reporting happens after criminal prosecutions and TMB investigations, but your attorney may actually be able to reverse this altogether. In addition to this, your attorney can help you petition for non-disclosure, possibly removing misdemeanor deferred adjudication probation from the TMB’s website. This removal can greatly impact how a physician is perceived to the public, so it’s important to achieve if your attorney is able to.

Contact a Physician License Defense Lawyer in Fort Worth

If you or a physician you know is facing the loss of license because of allegations of misconduct, then the attorneys of the Leichter Law Firm may be able to offer physician license defense services. Contact our Fort Worth offices today by calling (512) 495-9995 to learn more.

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