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Without his or her license, a physician is not legally eligible to practice. Sometimes, physicians in the Arlington area face the threat of losing their license after they’ve worked so hard during the Texas license application process because of a disciplinary inquiry or accusations of misconduct. These are two of the most common occurrences that pose a threat to a physician’s license to practice. Any of these proceedings typically involves a case before or against the Texas Medical Board, which takes such accusations very seriously.

If you are a physician facing the threat of losing your license to practice, it may be wise to consult an experienced physician license defense lawyer as soon as possible, such as those at the Leichter Law Firm in Arlington. Obtaining the legal advice and experience of such an attorney can help a physician like you navigate the sometimes overwhelming and often daunting task of facing accusations of misconduct. As many accusations of misconduct involve chemical dependency or use, allegations against a physician’s standard of care, non-therapeutic prescriptions, sexual boundary violations, or inaccurate or poor record-keeping, you need an attorney who has experience in all of these disciplinary matters to help you.

Why Consult a Physician License Defense Attorney?

There are numerous reasons as to why you ought to consider speaking with a physician license defense attorney in Arlington, not least of which is the benefit of consulting with an experienced legal professional. We have experience dealing with the State Office of Administrative Hearings, which is also within easy communicable distance to our headquarters in Austin, near the Travis County District Court. This proximity is important for expedited services for you and your proceedings.

Additionally, the sheer number of disciplinary inquiries, disciplinary actions, and other accusations and actions against physicians in Texas shows that consulting with an experienced attorney in Arlington is a good idea. The Texas Medical Board is aggressively investigating accusations of misconduct, and if you get caught in the crossfire, then you could quickly and devastatingly lose your license to practice. Also, punitive sanctions have seen an increase because of the increased number of probationary suspensions and disciplinary orders given to physicians who have been accused of misconduct.

An experienced attorney at a small boutique like the Leichter Law Firm can individualize your experience, giving you the care and attention that you need at this crucial time in your career as a physician. We can help those facing accusations of misconduct in the following areas:

  • Disciplinary process
  • Grounds for discipline
  • Types of penalties
  • Appeals
  • Peer review actions
  • Network & insurance terminations
  • Chemical dependency
  • Criminal arrests and convictions

Our process when helping Arlington physicians with their defense is to first determine the complaint that one is facing. In most cases, complaints come from a co-worker, patient, or a supervisor who conducts a negative peer review. If you know the source of the complaint, it is often a quick turnaround for finding out the exact nature of the complaint. After this determination is made, then it is often easier to construct a solid defense for the Texas Medical Board.

In many cases, a physician faces actions that he or she is not even aware of as a result of a TMB investigation or accusations of misconduct. For instance, improper reporting to the National Practitioner Data Bank may occur because of criminal prosecutions and Board investigations. However, many physicians can file for non-disclosure in Texas, and this information can be removed from access. Such protection can be extremely important for physicians who are looking to continue their practices in the future.

Contact a Physician License Defense Attorney in Arlington

If you are a physician facing a disciplinary inquiry, accusations of misconduct, or any other criminal charge, then talking with an attorney should be your first move. The physician license defense lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm PC can help Arlington physicians take steps to protect them from the loss of their licenses, in addition to preventing actions taken by the Texas Medical Board against their practice. Contact our offices today by calling 512-495-9995 to set up a consultation.

An experienced Arlington professional license defense attorney can assist you with licensing issues that involve:

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