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Arlington is a very fast growing city, witnessing a dramatic increase in population over the years, and with more people comes the need for more health care professionals. Unfortunately, despite the immense amount of schooling doctors must endure, they can still make mistakes and as the population grows, the number of mistakes do as well. These mistakes are true accidents and do not justify any criminal proceeding. The current criminal justice system has many imperfections that still need to be resolved, but until that time, it is up to criminal defense attorneys to ensure good doctors are not unlawfully charged for their mistakes.

At Leichter Law Firm PC, our lawyers are dedicated to protecting medical professionals from being wrongfully targeted by the criminal justice system and maintaining their professional license. We understand accidents happen every day and one small mistake should not cause the undue strife of an entire family. Contact our office today at 512.495.9995 to hear more about our experience in criminal law.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Obtaining medical or other professional licenses is the result of years of hardship and intense schooling—to lose board certification is to take away a professional’s entire livelihood. Many of these doctors have dedicated their entire professional career to helping patients maintain their health, but all it takes is one mistake to strip them of their ability to ever do so again. These mistakes can lead to many different and negative consequences that no doctor or other professional wishes to remain permanent. The lawyers with the Leichter Law Firm PC strive to help these professionals move past their mistakes, so they can begin helping others again. We specialize in many different forms of criminal defense for medical professionals including:

These are only a few of the numerous fields our qualified Arlington attorneys practice in. We have faced many difficult professional license defense cases before and our experience can undoubtedly help you too.

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If you or someone you know is in need of a criminal defense attorney that has extensive experience defending professional license certification, then look no further than the Leichter Law Firm PC. Our dedication to protecting medical licenses has allowed many doctors to continue saving lives. We understand how terrifying it is to have your professional license be under threat and we strive to do everything in our power to protect your best interests. Give our office a call at 512.495.9995 to speak with a qualified criminal law attorney today.

An experienced Arlington professional license defense attorney can assist you with licensing issues that involve:

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