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The Texas Medical Board is in charge of pursuing complaints of physician misconduct filed against physicians in the Texas area. At the Leichter Law Firm, we know that any doctors in Texas, including the Lubbock area, who are facing disciplinary consequences for any conviction of misconduct or malpractice are likely angry, frustrated, and worried. In order to stand the best chance at getting a positive outcome and making sure that all legal options are pursued, it is generally advisable for doctors and medical professionals in this situation to enlist legal support.

One of the potential consequences of a conviction of misconduct is the loss of one’s medical license, affecting a medical professional’s career and finances. While many accusations of misconduct involve chemical dependency allegations or records mismanagement, poor standard of care, or violations of sexual boundaries, a strong legal representative should be able to handle any accusation of misconduct that a physician faces.

Hiring an Attorney for Physician License Defense

There has been an increased number of disciplinary inquiries affecting physicians all over Texas in recent years. Without proper legal defenses when facing such complaints and investigations, physicians must face the Texas Medical Board with little-to-no knowledge of the intricacies of disciplinary hearings. Many misconduct investigations and disciplinary proceedings can result in a physician’s lost license in the blink of an eye, a terrible situation that might have been prevented with the help of an experienced attorney.

When one is facing accusations of misconduct, records mismanagement, sexual boundary violations, chemical dependency, non-therapeutic prescribing, and other criminal convictions, a strong legal defense is absolutely necessary for avoiding the consequences of disciplinary action from the Texas Medical Board (TMB). These investigations typically begin with a letter and phone call from the TMB. At this point, it is not advisable to speak with the TMB without a legal professional’s guidance. As such, any medical professional facing potential action from the TMB should enlist a lawyer’s help for the following issues:

  • The Disciplinary Process
  • Grounds for Discipline
  • Types of Penalties
  • Appeals
  • Peer Review Actions
  • Network & Insurance Terminations
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Criminal Arrests and Convictions

As every case is different, it is critical to have an attorney who is well-versed in the laws and regulations guiding the medical profession and its regulatory bodies. Additionally, with the help of a lawyer, you can better determine what exactly is at the root of the problem and how to most appropriately respond.

An inquiry typically begins with an investigation by peer review. To avoid further investigation by the Texas Medical Board, a sound legal defense at the peer review level is necessary, as this is often an effective way to out an end to the investigation or any potential consequences.

Relatedly, sometimes physicians face charges of criminal actions, either relating to federal programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, or others, or offenses not related to the medical professional’s practice. Getting legal support as soon as a federal agency or criminal charge is filed against a medical professional is critical, as these inquiries and charges can dramatically affect a doctor or medical professional’s ability to practice medicine.

Further Repercussions

The burdens on physicians do not always stop with prosecutions and investigations. In many cases, these investigations also result in reporting to the National Practitioner Data Bank, or NPDB. This reporting is not always sanctioned or proper, but it can affect a physician’s reputation nonetheless. A physician, however, might be able to petition for non-disclosure, in addition to having information removed from the Data Bank’s website. Navigating this process can be difficult on one’s one, however, making it important to have a lawyer with experience handling such situations and knowledge of the process on your side.

The financial responsibilities incurred during an investigation into physician misconduct can also accumulate quickly, and include things like legal fees and any other costs that develop due to either the ongoing investigation or the ultimate loss of one’s license. However, it’s important to know that some liability insurance policies will partially or fully cover the costs of attorney’s fees that are associated with an investigation into a physician. In order to ensure that both the investigation is handled properly and any costs are mitigated, especially through insurance coverage, it is best to have an attorney that is familiar with the policies, procedures, regulations, and mandates set forth by the Texas Medical Board. Additionally, your representative should be intimate with your insurance coverage policy, and understand which parts of their fees are covered and which are not.

Facing disciplinary action from the Texas Medical Board is no easy task. Some physicians feel that they can self-represent or that they do not need the full services of an experienced legal team. Unfortunately, this assumption can lead to the loss of license for that physician, due to the complex nature of disciplinary investigations and actions. Far too many physicians face the loss of their license to practice because of allegations and investigations by the Texas Medical Board, and they could have protected these licenses with the help of an experienced attorney.

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