Case Results

  • Arin P. vs. PRN – Client A.P. is a registered pharmacist who underwent a Professional Recovery Network (PRN) approved mental health evaluation at the request of the attorneys and staff of the Texas Board of Pharmacy. For arbitrary reasons unknown The Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) rejected the evaluation.
  • Arin P. vs. TSBP – Client A.P. holds a registered pharmacist license / certification in both Texas and Arkansas. Although A.P. was initially licensed in Texas as an R.Ph., A.P. has always worked and resided in Arkansas. Due to Client’s remote criminal history for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Scott M. vs TMB – On January 15, 2010 an Informal Settlement Conference (ISC) panel recommended to the Executive Director of the Texas Medical Board (TMB) that Client S.M’s medical license / physician registration be automatically revoked due to his submission of a urine drug screen which tested positive.
  • George S. vs. TMB – The Texas Medical Board sought the temporary suspension of Client’s Texas Medical License for allowing a revoked Texas Physician to work in his office. Leichter Law Firm attorneys mounted a vigorous defense for client impeaching all of Staff’s witnesses during the TMB’s direct presentation of its case.
  • Amy. S. vs. TMB, Martin D. vs. BON – Board Staff sought the revocation of Client’s Nursing License for unprofessional conduct. Specifically, Staff argued Client had inappropriate sexual contact with a minor child.
  • Cahn T. vs. TSBP – Staff of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) sought the temporary suspension of Client’s R.Ph., registration, as well as the temporary suspension of his Texas licensed pharmacy. Board Staff presented numerous witnesses and documents in its effort to show Client’s pharmacy

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The Texas medical license lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm are devoted to the legal representation of medical, mental health, and other licensed professionals in administrative licensing matters. We handle cases involving professional license defense, health law, and the defense of crimes that impact professional licensure status.

Since our inception, we have successfully represented vast numbers of physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, and psychologists in both disciplinary and post-disciplinary licensure matters. We are particularly versed in handling Physician / Texas Medical Board chemical dependency and intemperate use cases -especially as they relate to standard / quality of care allegations, non-therapeutic prescribing, the inadequate maintenance and documentation of medical records and sexual boundary violations.

If you are in danger of losing your medical or professional license, the experienced Texas medical license defense lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm may be able to help you. To discuss your case with one of our attorneys today, please contact us by calling (512) 495-9995.

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We are a small firm, so we can be selective as to the cases that we choose, thereby ensuring our continued commitment to results-oriented representation. From our inception, we have tried to look at the bigger picture in an effort to assist our clients’ long-term objectives. Our continued reinvestment into the firm’s resources and technology have allowed us to compete against bigger firms while still providing the personalized and effective service and fees unique to a boutique law practice.

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Our boutique litigation practice is devoted to the legal representation of physicians and other licensed professionals in a variety of aspects relating to their practices and professions. Focusing its attention on Professional License Defense, Administrative, Health, and Criminal Law, The Leichter Law Firm is able to draw upon its experience in these areas to provide quality client representation. The firm is located in downtown Austin, Texas.

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