Cease and Desist Hearings for Texas Medical Board

Texas Medical Board Cease and Desist Hearings

The Texas Medical Board is extremely vigilant in their handling of any complaint involving the practice of medicine by someone who is not licensed by the board. The process for investigating a complaint against someone accused of practicing without being licensed by the board is very similar to the process followed for complaints against licensees.

Once the individual’s case has been investigated and sufficient evidence has been gathered, a committee that is made up of board employees chosen by the executive director will make a determination if there is already enough evidence to make a prima facie case against the individual. If not, they will likely schedule a cease and desist hearing.

This hearing will consist of a two-member panel appointed by the president of the board, and one of these members must be a physician. The hearing will technically qualify as a public hearing, and details of the hearing will be recorded by a court reporter. The appointed panel will determine whether or not the individual in question actually practiced medicine without a license, and if they determine that this is indeed the case, they will issue a cease and desist order that will take effect immediately.

If you have received a cease and desist order from the Texas Medical Board, you need to take immediate action in order to protect your rights and your future. At the Leichter Law Firm PC, we have significant experience defending individuals in cease and desist hearings, and we are ready to put this experience and the resources of our firm to work for you. Call us today at 512.495.9995 to learn more.

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