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NJ teacher suspended over sexual assault allegations

A high school teacher in Bloomfield was suspended by the school board due to allegations that he sexually assaulted two students, an article of nj.com reported on October 28.

Reports said 30-year-old Leo Donaldson was suspended with pay from his job as a teacher at Bloomfield High School after being charged with sexual assault. Though details of the charges were not released, authorities have confirmed they are currently investigating the incident. Donaldson, who was a veteran teacher at the school pleaded not guilty to the charge. He will be suspended by the board without pay if he is found guilty of the allegations. A cash bond of $500,000 was imposed on him while he is detained at the Essex County Jail.

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Doctor threatened with license suspension in New Jersey

A report on the nj.com site, posted on October 17, revealed that a doctor in Trenton, New Jersey is likely to have her professional license suspended due to allegations that three of her patients became heavily dependent on the narcotics she prescribed, one of the cases resulting in a fatality.

Reports said a hearing is set in November for doctor Vivienne Matalon to determine if the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners will subject her to license suspension. Matalon was accused of giving her patients strong pain medications formulated for terminal cancer patients. One of Matalon’s patients being treated for non-cancer related illnesses reportedly died. Investigations showed that Matalon’s patients ended up heavily relying on the narcotics she was giving to them. Health authorities issued a warning to patients to check if they are given medications that are not intended to treat their condition as it could result in substance abuse to patients.

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Boston attorney plans to retire in response to suspension

Cape Cod Time reported on September 30th that after numerous complaints filed against a defense attorney in Boston, he is now facing a year of suspension.

Barry Wilson, who has developed a reputation for being provocative and abrasive in court, was suspended after two Superior Court trials in Barnstable. The Board of Bar Overseers in 2013 disciplined Wilson after disrupting an ongoing court hearing. One court incident landed Wilson in jail for 38 days.

Though Wilson had appealed his suspension, he said that he was already planning to retire.

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Teacher’s license suspended in Murfreesboro after facing charges

An Eagleville School teacher had her professional license suspended after authorities alleged she was involved in illegal activities, a report of Daily News Journal reported on October 11.

Authorities from Rutherford County are currently investigating 34-year-old Jessica Holland after she was accused of theft and obtaining controlled substances from the school. The school’s representative James Evans told reports that charges have been filed against Holland due to a suspicion that she stole an amount of not more than $500. Holland, who was a first-grade teacher and a middle school softball coach, was suspected of abusing the school’s narcotics medication. The suspension was ordered after Holland was taken into custody and then later was discharged after posting a $4,000 bond. The teacher had no violation histories before she was hired in 2014, reports also said.

Financial problems often result when teachers have been barred from practicing their professions. However, if you believe that a suspension is likely to happen, working with a skilled license defense attorney is important, especially if you heavily depend on your income as a teacher. Call the Austin lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm PC today at (512) 495-9995 to learn more about your options.

Oklahoma teacher’s certification facing suspension after affair with student

A teacher in Tishomingo, Oklahoma may have her professional certification suspended due to allegations that she is having a sexual affair with a student, a report of Fox News 12 stated on September 20.

According to reports, Shelley Jo Duncan is under investigation by the Oklahoma State Department of Education due to her potential sexual relationship with a minor student. The Department of Education will seek to suspend Duncan’s teaching certification due to the allegation that she is having an affair with a 14-year-old student. Residents of Johnston County believe it is best to suspend Duncan’s certification even if the case is still under investigation. Though Duncan was arrested last week, she has not been charged officially.

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Head nurse in Washington suspended following numerous sex abuse cases

A 12-month license suspension was imposed on a former nursing home director who is under investigation for multiple sexually abusive acts that occurred between residents with dementia on her watch, a report of komonews.com stated on September 20.

Reports said Marilee Mellon was suspended from her position at the Cashmere Convalescent Center over allegations that dementia patients were sexually abused inside the facility. The nursing home was investigated last year due to numerous complaints coming from families that sexual abuses between dementia patients were not reported. The suspension penalty occurred after an investigation found Mellon was negligent about reporting such incidents.

Nursing license suspension is difficult, especially if your family heavily relies on your income. However, if you believe a suspension is likely to happen, a lawyer may be able to help you prevent it. Speak with an attorney from the Leichter Law Firm PC today in Austin by calling (512) 495-9995 to learn more about your license defense options.

Florida lawyer suspended over ethics violations

A 91-day suspension was recently imposed against a lawyer in Coral Gables, Florida due to the allegations that she was acting inappropriately while handling the case of a booster, an article of Miami Herald reported on September 8.

According to reports, Maria Elena Perez was suspended by the Florida Supreme Court due to allegations of unethical conduct while handling the case of Nevin Shapiro, who was acting as a booster for the University of Miami. Shapiro was involved in high-profile fraudulent activity and was represented by Perez. Reports said the investigation against Shapiro made no sense because Perez accepted over $18,000 from the NCCA so she could summon witnesses. However, the penalty imposed on Perez was discussed and approved by the Supreme Court, so Shapiro is currently serving his 20-year imprisonment for duping people into a $390 million Ponzi scheme.

The lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm PC understand that many of our fellow attorneys are left dealing with financial burdens after being suspended from the professions. However, if you believe a suspension is heading your way, we may be able to help you prevent it from happening. Contact us at (512) 495-9995 to discuss your legal options.

Suspension ordered to NJ dentist after practice linked to 15 infections

The state of New Jersey recently stopped the practice of a dentist after one of his patients died and 14 others suffered from infections, an article of Fox News reported on September 3.

According to reports, John Vecchione agreed to have his professional license suspended after the Department of Health in August revealed that 15 of his patients who had undergone oral surgery had also been infected with enterococcal endocarditis. The patients were put into intravenous sedation during surgery. One of his patients reportedly died due to complications while 12 of his patients were required to undergo heart surgery. Inspectors last month found out that problems were still present in Vecchione’s Bud Lake clinic. Vecchione is expected to appear at a court hearing in October.

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Possible situations that may lead to professional license revocation

Professionals such as physicians, teachers, attorneys and nurses obtain their professional licenses after several years of study and hard work. However, there are some situations that could result in the possible revocation of such licenses, which prevents license holders from earning a sustainable income.

  • Committing any malpractice while working in the profession.
  • Getting involved in fraudulent activities
  • Getting convicted of any crime.

Any of these situations can be considered a violation of the ethical rules and laws that are set for professionals. Mistakes can put their career at risk if their license is threatened with suspension or revocation. Those who have their license revoked often find themselves struggling to provide for the financial needs of their family.

Professionals, however, should know that there are some legal means available to protect their livelihood if they think their license is being threatened with revocation. Find out how the license defense attorneys at Leichter Law Firm PC in Austin can help defend your license by calling (512) 495-9995 to learn more about your legal options.

Pediatrician faces suspension after unsanitary office conditions

After an investigation revealed unsanitary conditions in his office, a pediatrician in New Jersey was suspended.

Reports show that the doctor, Dr. Emmanuel J. Francois, was so disorganized that vials containing blood samples were improperly labeled and a stool sample was stored inside of a fridge. Investigators also found out that Francois used neither protective gloves nor hand sanitizer while taking care of his patients, who ranged in age from infancy to 18. According to the Attorney General’s Office, children’s safety was compromised under Francois’ unsanitary practices. Francois, who is currently placed in temporary suspension, is expected to appear in a court hearing.

The suspension of a medical license can have devastating consequences. If your license is being unfairly threatened, enlisting a skilled attorney is important to your defense. Speak with license defense lawyers at the Leichter Law Firm, PC today by calling (512) 495-9995.