Diversion Programs

Licensed professionals are expected to meet strict standards in order to maintain their practicing privileges. When a professional commits a license violation, he or she may be investigated and penalized with a license suspension or other disciplinary action. Those who are suspected of alcohol or drug abuse, or are thought to be mentally unstable, may be in danger of losing their licenses altogether.

Fortunately, some licensed individuals may be able to seek help through diversion programs while still keeping their licenses. If you are suspected of substance dependency or abuse and your license is at risk, a diversion program may be right for you.

How a Diversion Program Works

Diversion programs are designed to help rehabilitate doctors, nurses, and other professionals so that they can continue to practice and maintain their livelihoods. Those with substance abuse or mental problems may qualify for the programs, which are typically required in lieu of disciplinary action by the state licensing board. An individual’s participation is kept confidential in order to minimize any harm to his or her professional reputation while the program is ongoing.

Throughout the program, professionals must remain drug and alcohol free and must complete all treatment and counseling as outlined by the board. If an individual relapses or violates the terms of the diversion program, he or she may be removed from the program and may have his or her license suspended or revoked. Typically, even one infraction during a diversion program could qualify as grounds for ejection.

If you are suffering from chemical dependency or mental impairment, you may be eligible for participation in a diversion program. A successful rehabilitation could help you overcome your substance or mental issues while simultaneously allowing you to keep the professional license that you worked so hard to earn.

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