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The consequences of an unfavorable peer review may trigger an inquiry and subsequent investigation into your practice that may very well threaten your ability to continue conducting business in your field. Since you will be entitled to legal representation while your professional conduct is reviewed by a hospital board or committee, however, you should exercise that right to help protect your license or medical staffing and hospital privileges. Aside from these more immediate consequences, any evidence that is gathered in the process of your peer review may be subpoenaed by the State Board of Medical Examiners to assist the Board’s own investigation.

With the viability of your practice at stake, you will need to plan your defense and prepare for the possibility of engaging in the process of mediation to protect the future of your business. In many cases, our Fort Worth health & corporate law attorneys help eliminate the need for appeals, loss of business, and any potential for disciplinary investigation.

Network & Insurance Terminations in Fort Worth

Physicians are often terminated and excluded from provider networks following a public disciplinary sanction, particularly in regards to violations of the standard of care and discovery of chemical dependency. Though you may be able to appeal an exclusion successfully, an experienced Fort Worth attorney will be better suited to protect your interests throughout the highly complicated process. Since the Fort Worth physicians we represent have already been disciplined, there is a good chance that the appeal committee will listen to their pleas with less than open minds; however, our Fort Worth attorneys work to assert their rights with experienced and comprehensive legal counsel.

National Practitioner Data Bank Disputes in Fort Worth

Since the National Practitioner Data Bank retains information regarding the disciplinary history and criminal records of medical professionals across the country, physicians will need to pursue an appeal to remove any expunged, sealed, or inaccurate information from their databases. This process can be thoroughly complicated and should be handled by an attorney who is well experienced with administrative, health, and criminal law.

Partnership Formations, Modifications & Disputes

As you work to streamline the efficiency of your Fort Worth practice, a properly structured and planned professional association will be critical to facilitating the proper conditions that may maximize your profitability. Since physician partnerships commonly change over time, you will need to ensure that your professional association is properly drafted now to prevent any complications later on. If you will be entering into a professional association, our Fort Worth attorneys can help you work through the entire legal process, including assistance with the following:

  • Incorporation
  • Start Up Procedures
  • Purchase and Sale agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Shareholder and Partner Disputes
  • Property and Medical Equipment Leases and Contracts
  • Employee/Employer Contracts

When you begin staffing your Fort Worth practice, employment agreements that are comprehensive and clearly written will be critical to protecting your rights as an employer, in addition to those of your employees. By beginning a professional relationship with clear, well-defined expectations of one another, a whole range of potential disputes may be altogether avoided in the future. In any case, our Fort Worth attorneys are prepared to help you work through any aspect regarding employment agreements, including the following:

  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Review
  • Employment & Employee Advice and Counsel
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Non-Compete Agreements

Should any aspect of your professional association or employment agreements become subject to a legal dispute, our Fort Worth legal team is prepared to counsel you as you work to protect your interests.

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