Teaching License Defense

Teachers have one of the most demanding jobs that exist and often they do not receive the appreciation that they deserve. Unfortunately, sometimes others add insult to injury by trying to accuse a teacher of causing harm to a student or somehow acting negligently. Because teachers have such close interactions with fellow teachers, students, and parents, there are a lot of opportunities for conflict to arise. If your teaching license is on the line because you are being investigated for misconduct, a teaching license defense lawyer can help you.

Teaching License Violations

When teachers receive their licenses, they agree to meet a high standard of ethics and to not take advantage of those placed in their care. A teacher who is accused of a license violation will be investigated by the state board to determine if he or she should be penalized. In severe cases, the penalties for a violation can include having your license suspended or even revoked.

Some common types of teaching license violations that you may be accused of are:

  • Harassing or abusing a student
  • Accepting bribes
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement of school property
  • Violating a code of confidentiality regarding a student

If someone has brought a complaint against you as an educator and you are being investigated for a licensing violation, do not hesitate to consult with an experienced teaching license defense attorney. Without quality legal representation, you could be wrongfully penalized for a minor mistake or for something that you did not do. Our firm understands how important your teaching license is to your livelihood and your career and we will fight to defend your privilege to teach.

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