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Health and corporate law cases can arise from a variety of causes, including accusations of misconduct against a licensed professional. For instance, a poor review by a hospital board, committee, or peer could lead to a legal investigation of a license holder’s individual conduct. Accusations of misconduct can not only lead to such an invasive investigation, but they can also result in destruction of one’s reputation and the suspension or revocation of a license to practice. One’s life can be forever changed after undergoing such an investigation, particularly if the State Board of Medical Examiners subpoenas investigatory information.

A proper legal defense is often necessary to combat the charges laid at your door, especially when facing the loss of your license. Even during the investigation into related accusations, legal representation can be beneficial in navigating this intimidating process. You can make sure that your rights are fully and fairly represented, and that the fullest protection of your license is a top priority.

Network and Insurance Terminations

If a physician faces a suspension of his or her license, or a probationary period pending investigation, this can have a negative effect on his or her relationship with insurance providers or networks. Those providers and networks might even exclude or terminate any relationship with the physician until the results of the investigation arrive. In fact, if a physician is facing accusations of controlled substance use or chemical dependency, it can be especially problematic for maintaining relationships with insurance providers and networks. Because these relationships are essential to maintain, it’s a good idea for a physician facing charges to enlist the help of a legal representative familiar with cases like this, especially when trying to make an appeal of a decision.

National Practitioner Data Bank Disputes

When a medical practitioner seeks to have documents and information relating to their disciplinary history that is expunged, incorrect, or sealed removed, it can be done through the National Practitioner Data Bank. This appeals process can, in fact, prove very long and frustratingly tedious, and can be extremely confusing and paperwork-focused. This is yet another reason that legal representatives can be essential after facing disciplinary charges.

Partnership Formations, Modifications, & Disputes

Envisioning and drafting a physician partnership agreement requires intense planning, since these partnerships can evolve over time, especially if changes occur due to disagreements or disputes, or buy-and-sell agreements. As these professional entities are often important to the success of medical professionals, many choose to seek legal help with the following:

  • Incorporation
  • Start Up Procedures
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Shareholder and Partner Disputes
  • Property and Medical Equipment Leases and Contracts
  • Employee / Employer Contracts

All of the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, further, are determined by employment agreements, which must be clear and thorough. When the language of these agreements is free from confusion or unclear language, then there is a much-diminished chance of misunderstanding about the responsibilities and expectations of both employers and employees. It is these misunderstandings that can easily and quickly lead to legal issues and litigation, but such misunderstandings can often be prevented by a thoroughly drafted agreement in the first place. Important employee and employer documents that need to be addressed include:

  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Review
  • Employment & Employee Advice and Counsel
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Non-Compete Agreements

Ensuring that these types of employer / employee are written in a manner that protects all parties and is in the best interest of your company is necessary to your future success. Thus, having a knowledgeable legal representative work with you on such agreements can be critical.

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