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Houston nurse accused of murder, kidnapping

A 30 year-old Houston nurse appeared in court this week after she was accused of shooting a new mother and kidnapping the woman’s newborn son outside of a pediatrician’s office.

She is facing a capital murder charge but not a kidnapping charge since it is included under capital murder according to Texas law. The fatal shooting occurred on Tuesday in Spring.

Authorities found the woman that night where she confessed to shooting the 28 year-old woman and taking her child. Investigators found the child unharmed at her sister’s Houston apartment. The woman is a registered vocational nurse in both Texas and California.

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Texas nurse could face death penalty for deaths

A Lufkin nurse has pleaded not guilty to five charges of murder after being accused of poisoning kidney dialysis patients with toxic bleach nearly four years ago.

She is accused of injecting toxic bleach into the dialysis lines of patients going through kidney dialysis; five people died and five others were injured as a result. Investigators say they found Internet searches on her computer about bleach detection in dialysis lines and bleach poisoning in blood.

A FDA report also shows that many patients tested positive for bleach and some showed signs of having bleach in their system at some time. Her lawyer refutes any wrongdoing on his client’s part.

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Indiana Nurse Suspended for Drug Abuse

A nurse was recently suspended indefinitely by the Indiana State Board of Nursing after she was found to have a drug dependency problem.

Co-workers of the nurse had reported that she had been acting strangely at work and was verbally abusing several patients. The nurse was then forced to take a drug test, which found that she had Fentanyl, a painkiller, in her system. She was fired from her job and became employed by another nursing home, where she allegedly stole several narcotics.

The Board has suspended the nurse’s license indefinitely.

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Doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death to keep medical license

The doctor who was criminally charged after Michael Jackson’s death will keep his Nevada medical license after a case involving child support payments was closed last week. He had been under recent investigation by a medical board in Nevada over allegations that he had provided falsified information about child support payments.

The doctor’s spokeswoman says that t he doctor believed he was complying with medical board regulations while he was negotiating payments with the mother of his child. He agreed to pay for the cost of the investigation and recieved an official repremand.

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Philadelphia physician ordered to reliniquish license during investigation

A Philadelphia physician was ordered to relinquish his medical license for 60 days this week following allegations that he offered a medical board member $10,000 in exchange for favorable treatment. In addition to having his license revoked during this time, he must pay a fine of $5,000.

He was trying to bribe the medical board member with regards to a investigation into complaints from three clients, who said that his liposuction surgeries had resulted in complications and in one case, the death of an 18-year-old Penn State freshman.

The physician denies the bribery allegations.

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Brigham doctor loses license

A Brigham City orthopedic surgeon had his license to prescribe medicine revoked this week after being served with a 130-count criminal indictment.

According to prosecutors, the surgeon distributed  prescription drugs without conducting proper medical exams.

They further accuse the doctor of writing more than 37,700 prescriptions for hydrocodone and oxycodone between 2005 and 2009, totalling more than 3.5 million potentially wrongly prescribed pills.

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Orgeon acupuncturist has license revoked

An Ashland, Oregon acupuncturist was banned from practicing healthcare in the state by the Oregon Department of Justice this week.

The acupuncturist agreed to pay a $50,000 fine to the DOJ and to surrender his acupuncture license in response to allegations that he misrepresented his licensing status and ability to practice naturopathic medicine.

This came following several complaints filed against the acupuncturist by dissatisfied clients. He did however retain his acupuncturist home license, and will be able to practice at home.

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Front Royal medical worker loses license

A Front Royal, North Virginia, medical worker’s license was suspended this week after she admitted to prescription fraud.

The Virginia Department of Health Professions “acted upon evidence” that the limited radiologic technologist had plead guilty to three county of prescription fraud in suspending the woman’s license.
Her practical nurse license was also suspended.

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Nurse on probation after prescription drug charge

A nurse has been sentenced to 10 days in jail, 18 months probation and 240 community service hours after being found guilty of writing false prescriptions.

The 24-year-old woman, who had a painkiller addiction, plead guilty to seven drug-related charges including two felony charges. The woman told the judge that she has been active in her recovery process and has been in drug treatment since January.

The charges were from incidents occurring from December 2007 to October 2009 and involved the drugs hydrocodone and oxycodone.

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