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Octomom blames fertility doctor

Nadya  Suleman, known in the media as the Octomom, recently announced she was drugged when she signed papers her doctor gave her that allowed him to implant 12 embryos inside of her. She claims she was not lucid and on Valium and other drugs when her fertility doctor, Michael Kamarava, gave her the consent forms.

Kamarava lost his license last month, convicted by the state of “gross negligence and repeated negligent acts of an excessive number of embryo transfers.” Kamarava defends his actions, stating that Suleman wanted the embryos and was following through with his patient’s wishes.

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States seek to increase public access of doctors’ disciplinary histories

Recently, several states in the U.S. have been pushing for more public access of medical doctors’ disciplinary records. Many are saying that a patient’s ability to review his or her doctors’ history could serve to decrease incidences of malpractice in the medical community.

At least five states are currently involved in the movement, including Texas. Legislation is now being introduced in the state House and Senate that would force medical board websites to provide more information on the histories of their doctors.

Those arguing against this legislation have stated that the law’s may prevent doctors from having due process, as several of the laws duplicate already-existing laws. It has been said that the new legislation will only drive up court costs and create more problems in the medical community.

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