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“Romantic photo” leads to Brooklyn teacher’s suspension

A male teacher at Origins High School in Brooklyn was suspended from his work after an allegedly romantic photo of him and a former student circulated online, Madame Noire reported on January 13.

In the photo that was passed among students, gym teacher John Ramirez was seen with a former female student with her hand on his chin and her lips on his cheek. The female student, who was part of a flag football team managed by Ramirez, was identified as Tamara Stimphil. School administrators immediately ordered the teacher’s suspension after they were notified about the photo. The relationship between Ramirez and Stimphil was unclear. Ramirez will continue to receive pay until the investigation has concluded.

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Two year suspension of NJ teacher for obstruction of justice

A high school teacher in South Jersey was suspended for two years due to justice obstruction in a sexual assault incident involving another teacher, CBS Philly stated on May 28.

The Board of Examiners concluded that 51-year-old teacher Emma Painter acted unethically in a sexual assault case. Painter reportedly talked to a student who had filed sexual assault charges against another teacher, identified as Erica Umosella. The case in which Painter plead guilty was filed almost two years ago, and she has recently been sentenced to probation and community service.  Painter’s two year teacher’s license suspension was decided by the Board after considering her 20 years of service as a teacher.

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Common causes for suspension or revocation of teachers’ licenses

Professional practitioners, like teachers, are guided by ethical standards to prevent them from abusing, mistreating, or taking advantage of the people they interact with; however if these ethical rules are violated, penalties are imposed to them, sometimes resulting in the suspension or revocation of a license.

Teachers’ licenses may be subjected to suspension or revocation for many reasons. Among these, some common ones include:

  • Abusing or harassing students
  •  Accepting bribes in any form
  • Having an inappropriate relationship with a student
  • Illegally acquiring properties owned by the school also endanger their license.

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