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Houston pill mills targeted in five-day raid

Last month the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and 14 local and state authorities raided a dozen Houston pain clinics suspected of running pill mills. Approximiately 150 investigators helped raid the medical centers over a five-day period on 50 issued search warrants.

The agencies had been investigating the suspected clinics for eigth months before jumping into action. Thousands of boxes containing medical records, financial records, and computer data have been taken into evidence.

According to the Houston Chronicle, four physician assistants, 13 advanced nurse practioners, three doctors, and five pharmacies have been forced to give up their federal licenses that allows them to prescribe controlled substances. Nearly two dozen more doctors are still being investigated by the Texas Medical Board.

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RI Department of Health revokes doctor’s license for alleged sexual misconduct

The Department of Health in Rhode Island has recently revoked the license of a doctor at Pawtuxet Valley Urgent Care after they found merit to a sexual misconduct claim that involved a 70-year-old woman.

According to officials in the case, the woman was having a stethoscopic examination when the doctor ‘touched her breasts’  and ‘partly lowered her pants without informing her’ first.

She claims that this examination was unnecessary because her symptoms were  linked to bronchitis and pneumonia. Officials with the department have stated that the man’s license should be revoked because he is a ‘danger to the public.’

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TMB orders Amarillo doctor to stop practicing medicine

The Texas Medical Board has ordered an Amarillo doctor to stop practicing medicine after he allegedly prescribed a cancer patient a “colostrum bovine treatment,” according to the Amarillo Global News.

The treatment involves the injecting the patient’s blood into the udder of a pregnant cow and then drinking its milk. The patient died in hospice care before he could begin treatment.

Officials at the Texas Medical Board issued a cease and desist order that prohibits him from acting as a doctor or practicing medicine. The board says the patient paid $2,500 to the doctor and $2,500 to the farmer for the cow. The farmer reimbursed the deceased’s family, but the doctor did not.

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