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Ontario nurse suspended for allegedly prying into hundreds of patients’ records

A female nurse in Ontario, Canada was recently suspended after she was accused of prying into the medical records of at least 338 patients, thestar.com reported on May 5.

Reports revealed that 42-year-old Marcella Calvano had her nursing license suspended for three months after she pleaded guilty to “professional misconduct” in a hearing conducted at the College of Nurses of Ontario. Calvano reportedly admitted that she peered into the medical records of patients with the Sault Area Hospital between 2011 and 2012. Documents revealed that the medical records that the patients whose privacy law has been violated were not under the care of Calvano. Calvano, who was forced to resign from her work, expressed apologies for the misconduct she committed.

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Maxim Healthcare nurse suspended after death of young patient

A registered nurse in King County was recently suspended after a boy patient with Down syndrome who was under his care died, the Seattle Times reported on March 26.

Reports said Fernando Enrique Nunez-Mesta is facing negligence-related charges after the 3-year-old boy he was taking care of died last November 17, although no criminal charges have been filed. The allegations assert that Nunez-Mesta improperly operated a breathing machine used by the boy and turned off the alarm system that would have alerted nurses to his respiratory failure.

Investigations revealed that Nunez-Mesta was unfamiliar with the breathing apparatus and struggled with the correct way to administer CPR. The nurse’ employer Maxim Healthcare stated that they are cooperating with authorities in investigating the case. Nunez-Mesta has been given 20 days to appeal his suspension and the charges filed against him.

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Pierce County nurse license suspended over sexual misbehavior

A nurse practicing in Pierce County was recently suspended after evidence was found that he engaged in sexual misconduct with a patient receiving in-home care from his wife, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reported on August 14.

According to the Washington Department of Health, Michael Van Kirk was suspected of having intercourse with a vulnerable adult patient on several occasions. The nurse was given 20 days to schedule a hearing to dispute his suspension and the charge filed against him.

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