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Virginia doctor’s license suspended due to excessive prescription refills

A medical practitioner in Virginia was suspended by the state’s Board of Medicines after he was found to be allowing excessive prescription refills to patients, WCYB reported on June 24.

In the documents obtained from the Virginia Board of Medicine, Dr. Dwight Bailey was effectively suspended on June 19. Dr. Bailey and his staff reportedly prescribed patients unnecessary amounts of opiate pain killers. Dr. Bailey also lacked adequate medical records that kept track of the prescriptions he issued to his patients. Five of Dr. Bailey’s over-prescribed patients died while under his care. In 2003, Dr. Bailey’s medical license was suspended because pre-signed prescription pads were regularly used, so the staff could hand out prescriptions in his absence.

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Malpractice leads to dentist license suspension

The Virginia Board of Dentistry suspended the license of a dentist who was recently sentenced to jail.

According to reports, Derrick Broadaway’s dental license was suspended on April 8 after the Virginia Board of Dentistry found evidence that he was risking public health and safety. Broadaway allegedly provided poor service to his patients on numerous occasions. Aside from poor work, Broadaway wrote bad checks to members of his staff. The board will conduct a hearing for Broadaway next month.

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Stafford County doctor’s license suspended

The medical license of a doctor in Stafford County was suspended after she received 95 criminal charges, according to a report released on October 15.

According to the Board of Medicine in Virginia, the medical license of Doctor Nibedita Mohanty was suspended for three years. The 54-year-old doctor accepted the suspension but had denied any allegations of wrongdoing.

Last May, Dr. Mohanty was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter after the death of her patient two years ago. The patient died from an overdose on pills prescribed by Mohanty. She is also currently facing at least 72 counts of felony for illegal narcotics distribution and 22 counts of insurance fraud.

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