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License of Montana physician suspended indefinitely

The medical license of a physician in Libby, Montana was suspended indefinitely after he was accused and found guilty of committing professional negligence, an article of The Western News reported on December 24.

The Montana Board of Medical Examiners ordered the immediate suspension of Doctor Clyde Knecht’s license on December 21 pending further investigation into the claims against him. Dr. Knecht is accused by a second medical professional, an addiction specialist, of over-prescribing narcotics. The board also discovered that Knecht negligently failing to properly document the medical histories of his patients and his procedures. Knecht may be ordered to pay hefty fines or have his license revoked if his case is taken to a hearing.

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RI Department of Health revokes doctor’s license for alleged sexual misconduct

The Department of Health in Rhode Island has recently revoked the license of a doctor at Pawtuxet Valley Urgent Care after they found merit to a sexual misconduct claim that involved a 70-year-old woman.

According to officials in the case, the woman was having a stethoscopic examination when the doctor ‘touched her breasts’  and ‘partly lowered her pants without informing her’ first.

She claims that this examination was unnecessary because her symptoms were  linked to bronchitis and pneumonia. Officials with the department have stated that the man’s license should be revoked because he is a ‘danger to the public.’

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Texas doctor demands trial

A Texas doctor is demanding a trial to determine the outcome of a case brought against him by the Texas Medical Board in which patients say he conducted unnecessary stent implants.

One patient, who refused bypass surgery, received 31 stents when he was the doctor’s patient. The TMB has accused him of violating standard-of-care for allegedly implanting un-needed stents, ICD implants, and angiograms to nine patients. The doctor argues that he still believes the stents were necessary, but today he might reconsider his decision since his medical practices have come under fire.

The doctor has regained his license and is still practicing medicine.

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Nine Texas doctors reviewed by Texas Medical Board

In October nine Texas abortion doctors will go before a Texas Medical Board review panel after allegations of illegal disposal of patient records and other violations were reported.

The reports come from the anti-abortion, Christian activist group, “Operation Rescue,” which is based in Kansas. The organization claims that the Texas abortionists also improperly disposed of medical waste and violated state parental-involvement laws after a three month investigation. The review panel will allow the “Operation Rescue” and each doctor to share their side of the issue and then it will decide whether disciplinary actions are necessary.

If the Texas Medical Board believes there were violations, the physicians could be fined, require additional oversight, or be force to take continuing education classes.

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Octomom blames fertility doctor

Nadya  Suleman, known in the media as the Octomom, recently announced she was drugged when she signed papers her doctor gave her that allowed him to implant 12 embryos inside of her. She claims she was not lucid and on Valium and other drugs when her fertility doctor, Michael Kamarava, gave her the consent forms.

Kamarava lost his license last month, convicted by the state of “gross negligence and repeated negligent acts of an excessive number of embryo transfers.” Kamarava defends his actions, stating that Suleman wanted the embryos and was following through with his patient’s wishes.

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Doctors Could Lose Licenses for Guilt by Association

Two Delaware doctors may lose their medical licenses for working at the same clinic as a doctor who was convicted of murder for killing babies after they were born as an after-birth abortion.

Prosecutors claim that both doctors aided the doctor in hiding evidence of the murders by destroying patients’ files. The lawyers defending the doctors are arguing that they simply worked at the same clinic but were never there at the same time as the doctor in question and never handled his patient records.

It has been reported that there is no clear evidence linking the two doctors to the murders and that they are not threats to society.

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Doctor Loses License for Illegally Dispensing Drugs

A 72 year-old doctor in Niagara Falls lost his medical license after being arrested on charges of  felony drug distribution. Some of the doctor’s former and current employees have also been arrested for allegedly dispensing drugs illegally. 

The doctor is being accused of prescribing painkillers in large doses to patients that were not shown to actually need the drugs. He had already had previous trouble with the Health Department when they filed charges against him that claimed he had been incompetent in his treatment with many of his patients. Now, the doctor is facing prison time. He has plead not guilty.

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Grand Rapids denies lone applicant for medical marijuana grower’s license

Several months ago, the city of Grand Rapids passed a statute to require medical marijuana growers to procure licenses as home-based businesses. However, since that time, the city has not issued a single license. The new ordinance requires that the businesses obtain a $224 license and undergo regular inspections. The lone applicant was denied by city officials.

Some critics say that the terms of the new ordinance are too restrictive and that it was designed with the intent to drive these types of businesses out of the city. The state is home to 45,800 medical marijuana patients.

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Doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death to keep medical license

The doctor who was criminally charged after Michael Jackson’s death will keep his Nevada medical license after a case involving child support payments was closed last week. He had been under recent investigation by a medical board in Nevada over allegations that he had provided falsified information about child support payments.

The doctor’s spokeswoman says that t he doctor believed he was complying with medical board regulations while he was negotiating payments with the mother of his child. He agreed to pay for the cost of the investigation and recieved an official repremand.

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Philadelphia physician ordered to reliniquish license during investigation

A Philadelphia physician was ordered to relinquish his medical license for 60 days this week following allegations that he offered a medical board member $10,000 in exchange for favorable treatment. In addition to having his license revoked during this time, he must pay a fine of $5,000.

He was trying to bribe the medical board member with regards to a investigation into complaints from three clients, who said that his liposuction surgeries had resulted in complications and in one case, the death of an 18-year-old Penn State freshman.

The physician denies the bribery allegations.

If your medical license is being disputed, contact the Texas physician license defense lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm PC by calling (512) 495-9995.