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Arkadelphia attorney suspended due to misconduct

An Arkadelphia lawyer was suspended from practicing law for one year by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct. The suspension is related to alleged unethical practices.

According to reports, attorney Jonathan Huber has been suspended for hiring prostitutes under an alias. He was previously arrested and fined in 2011 for soliciting sex. Huber has until January 16 to appeal the committee’s suspension.

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License of veteran lawyer in Beloit suspended

A license of a veteran lawyer in Beloit, Wisconsin was suspended after she was involved in several cases of professional misconduct, including funds mishandling, according to a report published by the Beloit Daily News on Wednesday, October 23.

According to reports, the Wisconsin Supreme Court suspended lawyer Mary Biester’s license, an act that will take effect on November 25, after she was charged with 30 counts of professional misconduct. Attorney Biester did not contest any of the charges against her and now faces several consequences, including an order to complete 20 hours of education, a $900 fee to be paid to a former client and $25,584 to be paid to the Office of Lawyer Regulation.

Former judge Dennis Flynn of the Racine County Circuit observed that Biester’s misuse of funds has been consistent for several years.

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Galveston County judge under suspension arrested again

A Galveston judge was arrested after he was charged with abuse of official capacity on June 12.

Galveston County Judge Christopher Dupuy, who is currently suspended by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct after being arrested last month for several criminal charges, was arrested again on June 12. According to the indictment by the grand jury, Dupuy gave legal assistance to his ex-girlfriend.

Judge Dupuy, who is currently out after posting a $1,500 bail, faces removal from office if he is convicted.

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El Paso attorney suspended for 6 months

An attorney from El Paso was recently suspended for six months for contempt, according to an order signed on May 14.

Attorney Stuart Leeds’ suspension became effective immediately after a judge revoked his license from a six-month probation. The initial probation came when Leeds was found to have made false claims to the court about what he had filed for his client facing felony charges in a 2011 trial.

Leeds now has to file an affidavit by June 14 proving that he notified all his clients and opposing counsel of his suspension and has given all clients their money and property back in accordance with the order.

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