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Virginia doctor’s license suspended

A doctor in Newport News recently had his license suspended by the Virginia Board of Medicine recently due to an alleged series of prescription violations, the Daily Press reported on March 11.

In the 43-page prescription abuse complaint against Doctor Roger Philips, 69, the board stated that it believes the public is at risk under his care. Reports show that Philips allegedly made medical lapses and gave high dosages of powerful pain relievers to some of his patients. Some pharmacists who questioned the prescriptions provided by Philips complained about his rude behavior as well.

Philips, who has been practicing medicine for more than three decades, is scheduled to appear in a hearing in Richmond next month.

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Foley physician’s license temporarily suspended

The license of a physician in Foley was temporarily suspended by the State of Alabama Medical Licensure Commission in connection with an arrest in Florida, according to a news report published on January 24.

The commission ordered Dr. Thomas Syverson to surrender his license due to being arrested in Florida last June 2012 for charges of DUI, illegal possession of controlled drugs and drug paraphernalia, and other charges. Though records of the doctor’s arrest were unavailable, a report by the commission found that the doctor was positive in two separate testing done to him.

Dr. Syverson is scheduled for a court hearing in Montgomery in April.

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