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Doctor’s license suspended in Michigan for overprescribing narcotics

A license suspension order was recently imposed on a Saginaw, Michigan medical physician because he endangered patients by excessively prescribing them strong medicines that were often abused, an article of mlive.com reported on December 9.

According to reports, Doctor Kriangsak Thepveera’s professional license was immediately suspended by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) after determining the doctor prescribed controlled medications likely to be abused by patients. A report also revealed that among other doctors, Thepveera most frequently prescribed codeine-promethazine, a narcotic-based cough syrup. Thepveera reportedly prescribed over 2,500 patients codeine-promethazine, a well-known recreational drug. Thepveera did not issue a statement regarding the suspension.

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Pierce County doctor suspended for multiple medical violations

A doctor from Pierce County was recently suspended by the Virginia Medical Commission for consenting medical students in the military to administer medicine injections to one another, kitsapsun.com reported on August 25.

An investigation conducted by the Virginia Board of Medicine revealed that Doctor John Hagmann had 11 violations of regulations and codes. The board ordered Hagmann’s license revocation on July 6. Hagmann, who used to teach combat medicine, was accused of exploiting his students by telling them to get drunk and then injecting them with hallucinogens to test their cognitive functioning. Hagmann is expected to contest his license suspension and the charges filed against him before September 6.

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Two indicted for Woodlands “pill mill”

A Dickinson physician and a Cypress physician’s assistant have been indicted by a grand jury for operating a “pill mill” out of Texas Pain and Medical Management in The Woodlands. The federal Drug Enforcement Agency as well as the Conroe and Willis police departments assisted in the raid.

The 57-year-old physician faces up to 99 years in prison on first-degree felony charges. According to Your Houston News, the doctor falsified information on a Texas Medical Board certificate to run a pain management clinic.

The other man, a 64-year-old physician’s assistant, faces up to 20 years in prison on second-degree felony charges for operating the clinic, a violation of state law.

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Sugar Land doctor arrested for health care fraud

A 56-year-old Sugar Land man was arrested last week on charges of health care fraud and conspiracy to commit health care fraud, the Houston Chronicle reports. The indictment reads that the doctor ordered, authorized, and prescribed unnecessary diagnostic tests and other procedures.

These procedures were then billed to Medicare and Medicaid for payment under his billing number. The physician is believed to have submitted more than $19.4 million worth of medical claims to the Texas Medicaid and Medicare Programs from 2007 to 2012.

An estimated $8.5 million was deposited in his bank account. He is also accused of running medical clinics under different names to hide his scheme and hiring patient recruiters.

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