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Dentist suspended for alleged sanitation violation

A dental practitioner in Renton, Washington recently had his license suspended by the state’s dental commission for allegedly violating sanitation procedures, seattlepi.com reported on December 5.

Reports accused dentist Kin So of failing to provide sufficient cleaning solutions in his workplace and that he did not follow the strict guidelines regarding proper infection control and sanitation. The dentist reportedly was banned from carrying out any dental-related work in Washington State until he is cleared of the alleged misconduct. So was given 20 days to appeal the charges filed against him.

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Trial continues for suspended dentist linked to patient’s death

The trial of a suspended dentist who has been linked to a patient’s death in Connecticut will continue, an article by the Republican American stated on July 21.

Reports said dentist Rashmi Patel denied allegations that he was liable for the death of one of his female patients last February, and he is fighting for the reinstatement of his license. During a procedure to remove his patient’s teeth and install implants, the patient became unresponsive and died. The Connecticut State Dental Commission stated that Patel committed negligence after failing to take action when Gan’s oxygen levels decreased and for extracting all the teeth in one session. The next testimony hearing for the trial that started in June is scheduled to continue on July 23.

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Dentist put on probation for sex crime charge

A Montana dentist has been put on probation by the state Board of Dentistry after the man lied on his license renewal application. He was charged with a sex crime in April 2010 and failed to disclose that disciplinary and legal action had been filed against him since his last license renewal.

The man was originally charged with sexual conduct without consent, but the charges were lessened to felony criminal endangerment. His three-year sentence was deferred after admitting to creating a risk of bodily injury to his victim.

The dentist’s license will be placed on probation for three years. The board must receive quarterly updates from his probation officer, psychotherapist, and supervising dentist.

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