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Florida lawyer suspended over ethics violations

A 91-day suspension was recently imposed against a lawyer in Coral Gables, Florida due to the allegations that she was acting inappropriately while handling the case of a booster, an article of Miami Herald reported on September 8.

According to reports, Maria Elena Perez was suspended by the Florida Supreme Court due to allegations of unethical conduct while handling the case of Nevin Shapiro, who was acting as a booster for the University of Miami. Shapiro was involved in high-profile fraudulent activity and was represented by Perez. Reports said the investigation against Shapiro made no sense because Perez accepted over $18,000 from the NCCA so she could summon witnesses. However, the penalty imposed on Perez was discussed and approved by the Supreme Court, so Shapiro is currently serving his 20-year imprisonment for duping people into a $390 million Ponzi scheme.

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Minnesota lawyer’s license suspended over stabbing incident

A Minnesota attorney who handles personal injury cases had his professional license suspended after he was involved in a stabbing incident at a hotel bar, an article of Star Tribune reported on July 28.

According to reports, a suspension order was imposed on 42-year-old Michael Riehm’s attorney license after he stabbed a man in 2014 at Manny’s bar. The victim, identified as Daniel Kerkinni, sustained a stab wound and punctured lung after he made an offensive joke about the attorney’s spouse. The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility prevented Riehm from appealing the suspension for five years. Riehm was also ordered to settle $200,000 worth of damage to Kerkinni.

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3-year suspension ordered for Craighead County lawyer

The license of a female lawyer in Craighead County was recently suspended for three years due to past convictions on drug charges, an article from Arkansas Online reported on August 9.

Reports said attorney Belinda Burris’ law license was ordered suspended for three years on August 6 by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct. Burris was reportedly arrested and convicted on several drug-related charges and a DWI from 2007 to 2012. Burris’ lawyer’s license was not reinstated after the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Board suspended it in 2009.

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License of La Crosse lawyer suspended

A lawyer in La Crosse has his license suspended for three months by the Wisconsin Supreme Court due to allegations of professional misconduct, a report from the LaCrosse Tribune stated on Saturday, December 14. According to the suspension order imposed on Friday, December 13, attorney James Grenisen will have to undergo a psychological evaluation before he can get his license back.

At least five counts of misconduct were filed against Grenisen last year after he committed fraud against a 66-year-old woman he represented. According to the article, Grenisen took money from his client and represented her in guardianship and protective placement, an area of the law with which he had no experience.

Attorney Grenisen, whose license will be suspended on January 17, did not contest the verdict.

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Texas lawyer’s license suspended for three years

A University of Texas School of Law graduate has had his law license suspended for three years after he failed to appear in court to represent a client. The 37 year-old attorney also failed to respond to her official complaint filed with the Texas Bar’s Commission for Lawyer Discipline.

Because of his absence, the commission found him guilty of five violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct. The lawyer was given a a partially probated suspension for three years and was ordered to pay back the client’s $2,000 for his services and the State Bar $3,157 for its investigation.

The Supreme Court of West Virginia also followed suit and suspended his West Virginia law license, which he acquired in 2004, for three years.

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Corpus Christi attorney sentenced for barratry

A Corpus Christi attorney was sentenced this week to three years in prison after a jury found him guilty of barratry. A former employee of the attorney, who also faced barratry charges, took a plea deal with the Texas Attorney General’s Office and was given probation.

As part of the plea deal, the employee was stripped of his law license, sentenced to ten years of deferred probation, and fined $6,000.

According to The Caller, the men approached relatives of a victim of a deadly car crash to offer their legal services. They were able to convince the family to hire them, a violation of the Texas Penal Code.

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