Pharmacists and Drug Offenses

Pharmacists are responsible for carefully filling prescriptions and providing customers with the medications that they need. They regularly work around a number of powerful drugs that require concentration and integrity to handle reliably. For this reason, any practicing pharmacist is required to undergo rigorous schooling, background checks, and training to become licensed. If you are suspected of taking drugs for your own use or selling them to others illegally, you could be at risk of losing your license.

Types of Drug Offenses

Prescription drug abuse has become a hot topic in today’s media. State and federal agents have been cracking down harder on illegal prescription drug use, manufacturing, and distribution. A pharmacist who is believed to be abusing his or her professional position in order to illegally obtain drugs may face a variety of criminal charges for:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug trafficking
  • Illegal sale of prescription drugs
  • Issuing drugs without a valid prescription

In addition, you could be charged with related offenses such as theft and money laundering.

Defending Your Case

Clearly, an accusation of being involved with the illegal use of prescription drugs is a serious charge. If you have been accused of or arrested for any of these offenses, you need an experienced Texas pharmacy license defense lawyer to help you defend your practice. A committed attorney can help to defend your case and can negotiate on your behalf to have your licensing penalties reduced or dropped so that you can continue working.

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