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If a medical license holder receives a bad peer review, this can lead to an official investigation into that license holder’s position and practice. Additionally, the information acquired in the peer review may be subpoenaed by the State Board of Medical Examiners, an action that can contribute evidence to the investigation. Due to the potential legal implications of a negative peer review, he or she may need to seek the assistance of sound legal representation.

Fortunately, our team at the Leichter Law Firm PC represents Garland area professionals in the health and corporate law fields, in order to protect them from the negative consequences of formal investigations. We have the experience necessary to fight against any accusations of professional misconduct, and can thus help you better defend your license to practice.

Help with Health & Corporate Law Issues

Sometimes an accusation of professional misconduct and a subsequent investigation can lead to the suspension of a practitioner’s license. Unfortunately, this also often means that the practitioner loses connections to insurance and network providers. This loss seems particularly apparent when the practitioner is accused of standard of care violations or chemical dependency. Though you can appeal against the removal from network providers, the appeal can be best handled by an experienced attorney.

Additionally, an attorney can help you with removing records of false, expunged, or sealed information from the National Practitioner Data Bank. This can help your practice in the future. Individual practitioners are unlikely to successfully either appeal the removal from networks or remove information from the Data Bank, but an experienced attorney has the skill set necessary to accomplish both.

Finally, when thinking about building your business or corporation on a sound legal structure, it’s important for health and corporate law professionals to consider the multitude of ways that an attorney can help. For instance, at the Leichter Law Firm PC, we can help Garland practices with:

  • Incorporation
  • Start Up Procedures
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Shareholder and Partner Disputes
  • Property and Medical Equipment Leases and Contracts
  • Employee / Employer Contracts
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Review
  • Employment & Employee Advice and Counsel
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Non-Compete Agreements

All of these issues are critical pieces of a strong business, and having a reputable, reliable legal team at your side can help ensure that your business is structured well.

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Having proper legal representation at every stage of a health or other corporation is essential for protecting yourself as well as your business. Far too often, Garland professionals fail to consult legal counsel about their businesses, and wind up in stressful and even damaging legal battles. Our Garland legal team at Leichter Law Firm PCoffers clients tenacious legal representation as a way of defending the livelihoods of individuals. Contact our offices today by calling 512.495.9995 to learn more about how we can be of service to you and your professional practice.

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