4 Questions for a License Defense Attorney

Many people devote years of education to career preparation. Sadly, even an accusation of unlawful actions may cause an individual to lose his or her professional license and means of financial independence. Anyone that has been accused of an illegal action or is afraid that their licensure or certification may be threatened should consult with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

If you are facing legal trouble, you may be concerned about your future. Consulting with an attorney you can trust is crucial to getting through this challenging time. An Austin-based Texas license defense lawyer of the Leichter Law Firm is prepared to discuss any questions you have about your case. Contact our offices at 512-495-9995 for more information.

What You Should Ask an Attorney

In preparation for your case you should get as much information as you can about the ways an attorney can help you. The experienced lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm suggest you consider asking a prospective legal representative the following:

  • How much of your practice is devoted to license defense?
  • Do you have experience with cases in the field of license defense pertaining to my case?
  • What is your success rate with cases such as these?
  • Are you prepared to help me re-apply for a suspended or revoked license?

These among other questions are extremely helpful in getting a clearer picture of your rights, options, and steps that you can take to protect your future.

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The compassionate Texas license defense lawyers of the Leichter Law Firm know how upsetting it can be to have your professionalism, ethics, or competency called into question. We are dedicated to ensuring that you are able to resume your professional career as swiftly as possible. To speak with a member of our team, contact our offices at 512-495-9995.

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