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What is a Confidential Rehabilitation Order?

Confidential Rehabilitation Orders, also known as Private Orders, are issued by the Texas Medical Board to physicians suspected of suffering from drug, alcohol, or mental health-related problems or disorders. Confidential Rehabilitation Orders are used in lieu of disciplinary action. The purpose of these orders is to encourage those with medical licenses to self report these issues and seek early treatment rather than continue to practice under suboptimal conditions.

The Board may consider issuing a Private Order when:

  1. The licensee or applicant suffers from an addiction caused by medical treatment
  2. The licensee or applicant self reports intemperate use of drugs or alcohol and has not been the subject of a previous Board order related to substance abuse
  3. A court has determined that the licensee or applicant is of an unsound mind
  4. The licensee has a physical or mental impairment as determined by an examination
  5. A licensee or applicant admits to suffering from an illness or a physical or mental condition that limits or prevents the person’s practice of medicine with reasonable skill and safety

Physicians looking to self report are encouraged to provide evidence to support the Private Order such as proof of rehabilitative potential, a clinical diagnosis, steps taken to prevent future harm to patients or the public, and a treatment program proposal.