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Florida woman’s pharmaceutical tech license suspended after theft charges

A female pharmacy technician in Key West, Florida had her pharmacy license suspended after admitting to having pocketed approximately 1,000 various kinds of pills, an article reported on October 24.

Reports said 37-year-old CVS Pharmacy staff Amy Catherine Topolski was apprehended by authorities on June 10 after being investigated for the missing medicines. In the span of more than five months, Topolski reportedly stole various kinds of medicines.

Topolski was put on probation in September following her arrest. On October 12, Topolski’s license was suspended by the Florida Department of Health after pleading guilty to two counts of felony drug possession and a count of misdemeanor petty-theft charges.

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Former Attorney General May Lose Law License

Marc Dann, Ohio’s former attorney general, has now been accused of misconduct relating to his own criminal charges in 2008 that cost him his office.

Dann was accused of sexually harassing two staff members. After resigning from his office, he continued practicing law, until the recent claims that he has used over a thousand dollars from lobbyists for his own personal interests, such as a flight on a privately chartered jet. He has also been accused of using campaign money for the salaries of two staff members.

Although Dann did not plead guilty, he admitted that evidence implied that he was guilty. It has not yet been decided if he will lose his law license.

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Pennsylvania Teacher Suspended for Blogs

A 30 year-old high school teacher was recently suspended after blogs she had written about her students surfaced. In her blogs, the teacher described her students in a negative light and made taunting remarks about anything from their clothing to their future careers.

Students, parents, and the school’s administration were unhappy with the blogs and felt that they were unnecessarily cruel. The blogs did not mention students by name and the school had no policy on teachers using the Internet.

The woman is currently not in jeopardy of losing her teaching license, and she is fighting her suspension.

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Austin Officer May Lose Law License

An Austin police officer’s law enforcement license is in jeopardy after he plead guilty to driving drunk.

The incident occurred less than a year after the officer was forced to fire a deadly shot at a man who was evading arrest. The man reached for a gun, causing the officer to fire his gun. The officer claims that, because of his guilt over the incident, he was led to alcohol and excessive drinking. The officer also claims that he turned to his department superiors to seek help after the traumatic event.

The officer was fired and then reinstated with a brief suspension. He will be tried for a DWI on March 7 and may lose his law enforcement license.

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Grand Rapids denies lone applicant for medical marijuana grower’s license

Several months ago, the city of Grand Rapids passed a statute to require medical marijuana growers to procure licenses as home-based businesses. However, since that time, the city has not issued a single license. The new ordinance requires that the businesses obtain a $224 license and undergo regular inspections. The lone applicant was denied by city officials.

Some critics say that the terms of the new ordinance are too restrictive and that it was designed with the intent to drive these types of businesses out of the city. The state is home to 45,800 medical marijuana patients.

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