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Lawyer Risks Losing License for Advising Clients to Break Into Home

California lawyer, Michael T. Pines, is in hot water with the State Bar of California for encouraging clients to take the law into their own hands.

Many of Pines’ former clients are leading the charge against him, as they are unhappy with the legal consequences they faced after following his advice. One couple were told by Pines to sneak into their home that had been forclosed upon and reclaim it as their own.

The couple was evicted from the home, and the incident caused a real estate agency who bought the home to lose $200,000. Pines instructed another client to ignore a judge’s ruling to foreclose on his home.

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Austin Officer May Lose Law License

An Austin police officer’s law enforcement license is in jeopardy after he plead guilty to driving drunk.

The incident occurred less than a year after the officer was forced to fire a deadly shot at a man who was evading arrest. The man reached for a gun, causing the officer to fire his gun. The officer claims that, because of his guilt over the incident, he was led to alcohol and excessive drinking. The officer also claims that he turned to his department superiors to seek help after the traumatic event.

The officer was fired and then reinstated with a brief suspension. He will be tried for a DWI on March 7 and may lose his law enforcement license.

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Doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death to keep medical license

The doctor who was criminally charged after Michael Jackson’s death will keep his Nevada medical license after a case involving child support payments was closed last week. He had been under recent investigation by a medical board in Nevada over allegations that he had provided falsified information about child support payments.

The doctor’s spokeswoman says that t he doctor believed he was complying with medical board regulations while he was negotiating payments with the mother of his child. He agreed to pay for the cost of the investigation and recieved an official repremand.

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