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Florida teacher threatened with suspension for attacking student

A teacher in Jacksonville, Florida could be suspended from his job without pay due to allegations that he attacked a student in a September incident, an article of News 4 Jax reported on December 6.

Reports said the Duval County School Board would decide whether to penalize Darryl Countryman after the September 27 incident where he allegedly hit a student. According to witnesses, Countryman instructed a co-teacher to bring other students to a separate room as there were two students in a heated argument. The student then complained that Countryman started to hit him when the other students were out of sight. In the investigation conducted by the district’s office, the student Countryman attacked sustained bruises and scars on some parts of his body. Countryman, who was also a certified crisis management professional, explained the incident took place as he was trying to pacify the students.

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Teacher’s license suspended in Murfreesboro after facing charges

An Eagleville School teacher had her professional license suspended after authorities alleged she was involved in illegal activities, a report of Daily News Journal reported on October 11.

Authorities from Rutherford County are currently investigating 34-year-old Jessica Holland after she was accused of theft and obtaining controlled substances from the school. The school’s representative James Evans told reports that charges have been filed against Holland due to a suspicion that she stole an amount of not more than $500. Holland, who was a first-grade teacher and a middle school softball coach, was suspected of abusing the school’s narcotics medication. The suspension was ordered after Holland was taken into custody and then later was discharged after posting a $4,000 bond. The teacher had no violation histories before she was hired in 2014, reports also said.

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Spanish teacher in Webster Groves suspended after criminal charges

A teacher at a middle school in Webster Groves was indefinitely suspended after police suspected he was encouraging prostitution on the side, an article of komov.com reported on August 11.

Reports said the school district decided to indefinitely suspend Hixson Middle School teacher Robert Wilson after he was charged with facilitating prostitution activity in January. The woman Wilson allegedly assisted was identified as Stephanie Emery. Wilson provided Emery with security in exchange for a cut of the money coming from her work. He also helped her look for new clients through advertisements. Wilson, who was a Spanish language teacher at Hixson for 17 years, was replaced by a new teacher recently hired by the district.

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Tennessee teacher suspended after showing “Human Centipede 2” to students

A high school teacher in Jackson, Tennessee was recently suspended without pay after her students watched portions of the horror movie “The Human Centipede 2: (Full Sequence)” under her supervision.

The teacher, Michelle Blankenship of Jackson Central-Merry High School, is being investigated after she let 9th and 10th grade students watch the gruesome film on April 22. Superintendent Verna Ruffin stated that the district wants to discover why and how Blankenship showed the movie to her students. Ruffin also wants to find out if Blankenship played the movie herself or if a student played it in class. Premiered in 2011, “Human Centipede 2” is the sequel to a movie about a mad doctor who surgically attaches a person’s mouth to another’s anus in an attempt to form a human centipede.

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High school teacher suspended after video of student brawl emerged

A female high school teacher in Lecanto was recently suspended for five days after she was seen in a video clip watching two students fight, Bay News reported on July 14.

Reports said a video captured through a mobile phone last April showed 62-year-old Gilda Herrin doing nothing while two female students engaged in a fight. In the video, Herrin stood for a while before she and another teacher separated the two students. Herrin, who students said laughed in the video, argued that she was waiting for someone to help her because she didn’t want to get hurt. Herrin stated that she has suffered injuries in the past when breaking up student fights. The school board decided to suspend the science teacher after they carefully examined the video footage.

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Community supports suspended Hunterdon County teacher

A suspended English teacher at Delaware Valley Regional High School gathered support from students, parents, and graduates, the Hunterdon County Democrat reported on December 16.

People who supported Jennifer Sayers attended a meeting with the school board and presented a signed petition to show their support. Sayers reportedly was suspended on December 5; however, the board did not release details of the suspension. People who supported Sayers stated that she was a great help to many students. Many students of Sayers’ are worried about not being prepared for their AP examination or even college applications without her guidance. The school board failed to comment on the suspension.

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Teacher jailed for instructing students to hit bully

A teacher was sentenced to serve a jail term and undergo probation after being convicted of official oppression, according to a report from My San Antonio on Tuesday, August 20.

In the report, Judson Independent School District teacher Cynthia Ambrose was prevented from teaching for one year by the Texas Education Agency and made to serve a 30-day jail sentence after she was found guilty of instructing students to hit a bully in her class. According to the trial, Ambrose told other students to hit a 6-year-old boy.

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