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Kindergarten teacher suspended in Hawkins County

A female kindergarten school teacher in Hawkins County was recently suspended after consumed beer cans were discovered inside a classroom, News Channel 11 reported on September 15.

According to reports, the unidentified teacher at Mt. Carmel Elementary School has been “suspended without pay” after another teacher on September 10 discovered two empty cans of beer inside the classroom. The suspended teacher reportedly was on leave during the time of the discovery and it is not clear who consumed the alcoholic beverages or if it was consumed inside the school premises. The empty beer cans were discovered during class hours. Hawkins County Schools Assistant, Director Nedra Jackson, stated that school administrators and the school system are working to come up with an accurate and fair investigation.

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Arkansas teacher suspended for hitting a student’s vehicle

A Maumelle High School teacher suspected of drunk driving was recently suspended by the Pulaski County Special School District, THV 11 reported on April 24.

Reports said math teacher Sonja Kindall, 46, has been suspended after crashing into a parked vehicle owned by a student. The owner reportedly was inside the vehicle when the accident happened. Police suspect that Kindall may have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs during that time. However, they also added that Kendall was soon after treated for “‘a possible medical situation'” unrelated to the incident. The school district suspended Kindall until further investigations could be conducted.

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