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Oklahoma teacher’s certification facing suspension after affair with student

A teacher in Tishomingo, Oklahoma may have her professional certification suspended due to allegations that she is having a sexual affair with a student, a report of Fox News 12 stated on September 20.

According to reports, Shelley Jo Duncan is under investigation by the Oklahoma State Department of Education due to her potential sexual relationship with a minor student. The Department of Education will seek to suspend Duncan’s teaching certification due to the allegation that she is having an affair with a 14-year-old student. Residents of Johnston County believe it is best to suspend Duncan’s certification even if the case is still under investigation. Though Duncan was arrested last week, she has not been charged officially.

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Florida teacher suspended over suspicion of injuring student

A male teacher in Jacksonville, Florida was recently suspended due to allegations that he caused harm to a female student by pinching her with enough force to break the skin, an article of First Coast News reported on December 11.

Reports said a 30-day suspension was ordered for Rashawn Stout on December 7 after a female second grade student accused him of pinching her twice. Brown, who is a teacher at Richard L. Brown Elementary School, told investigators of Duval County Elementary School that he “lightly pinched the student.” Reports also said there were marks left on the victim’s stomach and arm and that two other students witnessed the incident. Pinch markings found in the victim and there were students who saw the incident. Stout is not expected to face criminal prosecution due to a lack of evidence, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

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High school teacher suspended after video of student brawl emerged

A female high school teacher in Lecanto was recently suspended for five days after she was seen in a video clip watching two students fight, Bay News reported on July 14.

Reports said a video captured through a mobile phone last April showed 62-year-old Gilda Herrin doing nothing while two female students engaged in a fight. In the video, Herrin stood for a while before she and another teacher separated the two students. Herrin, who students said laughed in the video, argued that she was waiting for someone to help her because she didn’t want to get hurt. Herrin stated that she has suffered injuries in the past when breaking up student fights. The school board decided to suspend the science teacher after they carefully examined the video footage.

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High school teacher suspended after an alleged joke assignment

A math sophomore teacher at Encinal High School in Alameda was recently suspended after he was suspected of telling his class to take a photo of themselves with their parents’ sex toys, CBS San Francisco reported on June 5.

Reports said Wing-Wah Leung was suspended after the incident. Though school officials told parents that Leung only meant the allegation as a jest, one student did follow through with the assignment and presented it in class. While district and school officials did not released details of the teacher’s suspension, they stated that they are investigating the issue.

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High school teacher suspended for racist remark

A Cypress Bay High School teacher has been suspended by the school board after calling a student a “Taliban” inside the school premises, the Sun Sentinel reported on March 18.

The Broward School Board suspended French teacher Maria Valdes for five days without pay for referring to a 14-year-old Muslim student as a member of a terrorist group. According to the complaint, Valdes called Deyab-Houssein Wardani a “Taliban” member several times. Although the student’s father and many supporters seek harsher punishment, Superintendent Robert Runcie stood by his decision to only temporarily suspend the teacher. Aside from the suspension, Valdes was ordered to undergo sessions of diversity training.

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Teacher suspended for suspicion of sexual relations with student

A male teacher from Chippewa Valley High School was recently suspended from working at the school after he was accused of engaging in sexual activity with an underage student, MLive.com reported on February 23.

According to reports, 23-year-old Christopher Cowles was charged with third degree felony of sexual conduct involving a 16-year-old student. Cowles on February 20 pleaded not guilty of the charge. Police revealed that the school immediately suspended Cowles upon learning that he was being investigated. The career technical education teacher is currently in jail with a bail bond set at $250,000.

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“Romantic photo” leads to Brooklyn teacher’s suspension

A male teacher at Origins High School in Brooklyn was suspended from his work after an allegedly romantic photo of him and a former student circulated online, Madame Noire reported on January 13.

In the photo that was passed among students, gym teacher John Ramirez was seen with a former female student with her hand on his chin and her lips on his cheek. The female student, who was part of a flag football team managed by Ramirez, was identified as Tamara Stimphil. School administrators immediately ordered the teacher’s suspension after they were notified about the photo. The relationship between Ramirez and Stimphil was unclear. Ramirez will continue to receive pay until the investigation has concluded.

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Community supports suspended Hunterdon County teacher

A suspended English teacher at Delaware Valley Regional High School gathered support from students, parents, and graduates, the Hunterdon County Democrat reported on December 16.

People who supported Jennifer Sayers attended a meeting with the school board and presented a signed petition to show their support. Sayers reportedly was suspended on December 5; however, the board did not release details of the suspension. People who supported Sayers stated that she was a great help to many students. Many students of Sayers’ are worried about not being prepared for their AP examination or even college applications without her guidance. The school board failed to comment on the suspension.

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