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High school teacher suspended after video of student brawl emerged

A female high school teacher in Lecanto was recently suspended for five days after she was seen in a video clip watching two students fight, Bay News reported on July 14.

Reports said a video captured through a mobile phone last April showed 62-year-old Gilda Herrin doing nothing while two female students engaged in a fight. In the video, Herrin stood for a while before she and another teacher separated the two students. Herrin, who students said laughed in the video, argued that she was waiting for someone to help her because she didn’t want to get hurt. Herrin stated that she has suffered injuries in the past when breaking up student fights. The school board decided to suspend the science teacher after they carefully examined the video footage.

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Cutten veterinarian’s license suspended for series of violations

An animal center in Cutten, California was temporarily shut down after its veterinarian was suspended due to several violations, including charges of fraud, Willits News reported on July 22.

In a decision by the Veterinary Medical Board, Doctor Joseph Humble’s license was suspended for 15 days. The board accused Humble of work-related fraud, incompetence, and negligence committed against at least two dog patients that died under his supervision. Aside from the suspension, Humble was also required to settle in the amount of $22,000 and was put on probation for four years. Any violations of the terms of his probation may lead to the revocation of Humble’s license.

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Defense lawyer suspended for insulting a judge

A famous Middlebury defense lawyer was suspended for 120 days after  insulting a Derby Superior Court judge.

According to reports, lawyer Rob Serafinowicz was suspended for calling Judge Burton Kaplan a “disgrace” during a March of 2012 interview.

Superior Court Judge Salvatore Agati deemed the actions of Serafinowicz a “baseless assault.” Serafinowicz, whose suspension begins of February 1, is currently appealing his suspension on the basis that he has no other history of wrongdoing.

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