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4 Colorado doctors’ licenses suspended for marijuana approvals

At least four doctors’ licenses in Colorado were suspended by the state’s Medical Board after they allegedly authorized patients to grow marijuana plants in excess of the legal limit, an article of The Gazette reported on July 19.

According to reports, the licenses of doctors William Tyler Stone, Gentry Dunlop, Deborah Parr, and Robert Maiocco were suspended after they authorized an estimated 1,600 people to plant over 75 marijuana plants each. Patients in Colorado who have medical conditions such as cancer, seizures, glaucoma, severe pain, or severe nausea can get a doctor’s authorization to plant more than six marijuana plants. Doctor Stone reportedly gave authorization to 400 people to plant over 75 marijuana plants. The Medical Board said that is already considered unacceptable by medical standards to allow people to grow excessive numbers of marijuana plants. Dr. Stone, however, claims he will appeal the suspension.

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Illinois doctor has license suspended due to sex charges

An Illinois doctor is facing another license suspension after he was charged again of sexually assaulting his patients, a report from the Chicago Tribune stated on Monday, October 7.

Reports said a license suspension for White County Doctor Jogendra S. Chhabra had been recently lifted when state regulators filed another suspension on charges that the doctor hugged, kissed, and inappropriately touched his female patients. Dr. Chhabra will allegedly pose a threat to the public if he is allowed to continue his practice, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation said.

Legal counsel for Chhabra said the allegations against his client were untrue and the recent suspension “is simply retribution” for the lawsuit.

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Michigan neurosurgeon accused of negligence

Dr. Aria Sabit, a Michigan neurosurgeon who practiced in California in 2009 and 2010, was accused of gross negligence, multiple negligent acts, and fraudulent activities in a public accusation posted on the Medical Board of California’s website.

Dr. Sabit was also accused of making false representations in five of his patients’ charts in Ventura, California. The administration of Detroit Medical Center is currently reviewing allegations against the neurosurgeon.

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