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Patients’ deaths lead to doctor’s suspension

A doctor in Plano was temporarily suspended by the Texas Medical Board after two of his patients died, a report stated on July 22.

According to the board, Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon, made significant violations in the standard of care while treating his patients. The board found that one patient of Dr. Duntsch died after an artery was injured during an unnecessary surgery, while another patient died of abdominal hemorrhage under Dr. Duntsch’s treatment. The neurosurgeon was also found to have put the patients at risk by failing to follow preoperative planning standard, among other regulations, potentially leading to the death of the two patients.

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Physician suspended for failing alcohol and drug tests

A disciplinary panel of the Texas Medical Board (TMB) temporarily suspended the license of a doctor after he failed alcohol and drug tests, a report said on July 18.

Dr. William Edward Brown’s medical license was suspended without notice on July 12 after he was referred to the Texas Physician Health Program for abusing drugs and alcohol. According to the disciplinary panel, Dr. Brown is still a threat to the public health, safet, and welfare, as TMB learned on June 27 that he did not submit to his medical tests initially and, when he did, tested positive for alcohol and prohibited substances.

Brown is suspended temporarily until after a hearing.

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Odessa doctor sentenced for illegal sale of medication

A doctor was recently sentenced to seven years of imprisonment after pleading guilty to selling painkillers without examining patients.

Doctor Barrett Whitefield was sentenced on the morning of May 2 after pleading guilty to selling Hydrocodone to patients without cause. Doctor Whitefield, in addition to seven others, has been found guilty of selling meth and Hydrocodone painkillers throughout the Midland and Odessa area.

Doctor Whitefield apologized to his patients, saying he is extremely sorry for his actions, as according to him “things got out of control.” His medical license was suspended by the Texas Medical Board last year, but it is not indicated if the board will revoke it. Whitefield will be on probation for five years after serving jail time.

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Sugar Land doctor arrested for health care fraud

A 56-year-old Sugar Land man was arrested last week on charges of health care fraud and conspiracy to commit health care fraud, the Houston Chronicle reports. The indictment reads that the doctor ordered, authorized, and prescribed unnecessary diagnostic tests and other procedures.

These procedures were then billed to Medicare and Medicaid for payment under his billing number. The physician is believed to have submitted more than $19.4 million worth of medical claims to the Texas Medicaid and Medicare Programs from 2007 to 2012.

An estimated $8.5 million was deposited in his bank account. He is also accused of running medical clinics under different names to hide his scheme and hiring patient recruiters.

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